Monday, January 25, 2021
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Letter of Appreciation

Dear Madam,
We, the undersigned on behalf of Seluophe, Singrijan and Khopanala villages would like to pay our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Tovihoto Aye, Advisor, Department of Power, Government of Nagaland, Azheto Zhimomi, MLA, Dimapur-2 A/C, Chief Engineer, Department of Power, Er Kasho Chishi, SE Power Department, Chumukedima Electrical Division Officers and staff for commissioning the 33/11 KV Sub-Station at Dhansiripar due to which the voltage power has increased in our village/area, which was a long pending demand of this area. Further we request that our 11 KV and LT lines were constructed during late 70’s due to which frequent power failure and interruption is there. As such, immediate replacement of the said line is required in general interest of the public of this area for stable power supply. We hope and pray that department will look into the matter with concern and top priority.
Lutsoyi Rhakho                                                                   Tezu Pradhan
Chairman                                                                               Head GB
Seluophe Model Village Council                                     Singrijan and Khopanala village