Monday, January 25, 2021

Let’s walk into the new year with a new motive for a new battle

All battles are not same; some should be fought in silence while some should be fought known by all. I’d like to share some of the things which every Naga should know and can do to participate in this battle and take this as our new battle with a new strategy as we step into a New Year and strife forward;
1. Head Post Office Kohima: On October 31, 2020 I went to Kohima Head Post Office to mail a letter, it was around 12:40 pm, but the office was closed, only the staff workers were working inside, then I said “Yesterday I failed to send a letter as the office link was down, I have an urgent letter to send, so please open up.” A male and a female staff worker replied “Time is up.” I enquired “How long will the working hour last?”, “working days till 3:00 pm and 1st, 3rdand 5th Saturdays till 12:00 pm,” replied from the closed door. Therefore, we ask for an RTI and that reply from the Department of Post: India, office of the superintendent of post Nagaland: Kohima RTI replyNO.f-5/RTI Act 2005/18-19/Pt-IV Dated Kohima 27/11/2020 there it stated “Working days from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm and on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm.” Therefore, on 10/12/2020, I told the staffs members “you have lied to me, but from now on, be sure to be punctual from now onwards” and corrected them with kind words. Just imagine, Nagaland capital with so many well-educated people, bureaucrats and diplomats are being fooled by a handful of 3rd and 4th grade staffs for such a long time. They are pitiless people, who doesn’t deserve our pity on them as well. Every Departments should have an open door to take voluntary pension for people who don’t want to work according to their work ethics. Henceforth, if we encounter such activity again from the Head office of Post Office Kohima, one should file an FIR at the nearest Police Station, don’t except others to do so, as it is your duty alone and same should be the done by all. In the same way, some banks shorten their working hours and no transaction on Wednesday. So, if they themselves don’t change, soon their deeds will be published in the newspapers.
2. Power Department: Based on power department’s RTI reply on 10/08/2020, we wrote a letter to the Engineer-In-Chief, Power Department Govt. of Nagaland that said “At the time of RTI reply by the department, Kohima Electrical Sub Division 1 charges Rs.3793 for single Domestic LT Consumer for a new meter box as per the record. However, the same meter box is available in the market around Rs.500/- only. Therefore, the department needs to either allow the consumer to purchase his/her own meter box or the department to supply/ charge the meter box at the existing market rate and install the meter box when required.” On 7th October 2020 we got a reply letter from the Chief Engineer (D&R) Department of Power, Nagaland Kohima NO.CEL/TB/RTI-ESTT/2016-17/2552 saying that “they cannot take the risk of allowing consumers to buy any brand from the market and install in their premises as it is a matter of accurately measuring/ recording the energy consumption for billing as per the General of Electric Supply.” It is said that they are not allowing the public to purchase different kind of meter box as when the light bills are collected it will face difficulties. That is why we will ask the Kohima Municipal Council rate to level the rate, why because we pay Rs.5 as of labor charge per 50 kilo of rice bag, then why would we pay Rs.159 for 1kg(approx) of meter box. Transportation of goods say 50 kg of rice bag from Dimapur to Kohima charges Rs.70, then why would we pay Rs.159 for one meter box? The rate made by the Power Department for Single Domestic LT Consumer meter, it said “Material cost- Rs 2964, Labour charge 445, contingency charge-89, transportation charge 149, storage charge- 149, total 3796 (but the bill shows ¹ 3793 only) plus total connection charge-494, load security deposit- 250, but in same time it charges around Rs.500 at the market price.
3. Rural Development Department: According to RD Department’s , RTI DRDA/MKG/RTI-1/2009-10/431 Dated Mkg the 15th September 2020it is mentioned that in IAY(now PMAY), the total amount of the project allotted for every household carries around ¹ 75,000. But instead of the money it was mentioned that a unit of CGI sheet was given to the beneficiaries. It happened 4-5 years back, however at present , in Changtongya Town, Mokokchung, the retail price for 1 unit carries the amount of ; 20mm- Rs.2800, 22mm- Rs.3400, 28mm- Rs.4200, 30mm- Rs.5200, 35mm- Rs.6200. Department does not provide the best quality product, yet if we pity the department and make an estimation on the best quality then 1 unit=7 bundle x 6200= 43,400. Every year the CGI sheets increases its price. Current PMAY says that they provide Rs 1,30,000 for every household, it has been observed that the provisions provided and not satisfactory. Therefore from now, if the PMAY provide our due share and quality products, it will be considered as a challenge from the department to the society, for which we will not hold back and fight back as it is our motive and right to get what is ours. Another scheme which is attached to MGNREGA Scheme. We will be inspecting on the work from 1st April to 31st March 2021 under Mokokchung district. And that inspection should be done under Mokokchung district for which we will select 3 villages and if any voluntary council/students/anyone who are willing to showcase their work, 3 villages can invite us for the inspection.
4. URBAN DEVELOPPEMENT DEPARTMENT: For many years, it has been observed that the Urban development department is likely investing more money mainly in Kohima and Dimapur. DUDA looks after every Eastern Nagaland along with Meluri Area (Phek), Aghunato Area (Zhunheboto) Bhandari area (Wokha), Peren district. For the remaining districts such as Mokokchung, Wokha, Phek, Zhunheboto, a new department should be established or maybe a resourceful department can invest more money on the four districts.
5. DUDA: As stated in the Directorate of under Developed Area (DUDA) RTI NO. DUDA/RTI-256/08/PART-III Dated Kohima, the 15th June 2020, the expenditure of solar light including buying and installation from 2015-16 and 2018-19 is 627.64 lakh. But this is more or less like we the poor ones are uplifting the shopkeepers. This is because New Renewable Energy department provided around Rs.6800 in the 1st phase and Rs.9300 in the second phase was given in the subsidized, there transportation and installation was also included. But the receipt of DUDA department shows that they bought 1 solar light by ¹ 1, 02,430, which includes transportation and installation as well. Here are some of the important works that was done by the DUDA during 2015-16 to 2018-19, these are shown below;

Name of the work/schemes/programmeAmount in lakhsYear
Various Works under Border Area Development Programme (BADP)1007.502014-15
Research & Planning. Dev. Of Health, Education, Livelihood & Micro financing. Mobility provision for monitoring & Evaluation. Capacity Building. Non-Civil works1171.002015-16
Research & Training/Capacity building programme & Non Civil works1000.002016-17
Various Works under BADP, Non Civil Works & Capacity Building326.002016-17
Various Works under BADP9,913.372016-17
Purchase of Medical equipment777.672017-18
Integrated agri-allied project for improvement of livelihood in rural villages. Research & Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation & Capacity Building. Non- Civil Works under UDAP1,512.002017-18
Various Works under Development of Under-Developed Areas688.002017-18
Various Works under BADP1,907.452017-18
Various Works under Development of Under-Developed Areas871.002018-19
Various Works under BADP4,280.292018-19
Implementation of the scheme mechanism of minor forest produce65.802018-19
Promoting economic activities for rural womenfolk50.002018-19

As stated above, wherever the project/ works were done, everything was explained in the RTI. Therefore whoever are interested be it a student/ council, can get a Xerox. If this work was done in a right path, within no time we can also compete with the advanced tribe/district, and if misused or unable to seek by the society, then for a lifetime we will never be able to compete with the advanced district.
6. Industries & Commerce Department and Khadi & Village Industries Board: The beneficiaries of the PMEGP of every district are being selected headed by the DC of every district. The RTI reply we got from the Department in Mokokchung District we found out that there are plenty of fruit processing unit, Steel fabrication, mechanized furniture, etc. But the RTI reply of Mokokchung Municipal Council, RTI No.MMC-29/EST/2014/212/Dated: Mokokchung the 6th February 2020, it is mentioned that the person who took the PMEGP loan have not registered on their projects/ shops and even if we really look into the matter and search for their legal documents they might not have it with them. Therefore, those who have taken the PMEGP loan should register their projects and start up their work at the earliest.
7. Planning & Co-Ordination Department: Under Planning & Co-Ordination Department RTI reply No.PLN/M-665/19 Dated Kohima, the 27th September 1st phase and No.PLN/M-665/19 Dated Kohima, the 28th October 2019 2nd phase, we have asked for inspection on some selected project, but due to constrain of time it couldn’t it didn’t happen but we will do it soon. However, under this project, Sl. No. 22 construction of Medemnungba Kin community hall cum guest house, for an amount of ¹ 65 lakh, the beneficiary clarified that he is not aware of the project. How astonished we are to know that the completion Certificate had already been issued by Executive Engineer Planning & Co-Ordination Department. Again in Sl. No. 34 Dev. of fishery project at Natsumi Village for an amount of ¹ 20 lakh, the beneficiary said that money for project was transacted without his knowledge and no work has been done as mentioned. So without going any further with the case, 100% of the amount should be handed to the rightful beneficiary after this article has been published and also the beneficiaries should do their right work that has been assigned to them. If not, it will be handed over to the investigation agency wherein the people who have taken the money and misused it will might pay the price for their deed.
8. Youth Resources & Sports: RTI vide NO.DYRS/RTI2020/1529 Kohima dated the 14th Jan 2020, it was mentioned as, “There is no specific guideline from the government for implementation of the capacity building scheme”. Therefore, it is observed that there is a need to have a guideline for capacity building scheme at the earliest.
S. T. Yapang Lkr. Kohima