Thursday, April 15, 2021

Let’s introspect

It is unfortunate that today our people have developed the notion that only money can make him happy. It is true that we cannot live without bread but it is regrettable that we have learnt to live for bread alone. This tendency has brought moral decadence and mental corruption in the life of our people and consequently, we have lost love for others and have no sympathy for relatives, neighbours and fellow citizen. This problem of moral degeneration and corruption is obnoxious and abhorrent and warrants immediate and thorough remedies, but all efforts will be useless until and unless our people as a whole become conscious of their responsibilities and duties and do not dupe their own people. It is said but nowadays in our society, there is no department of life which is not affected or sullied by corruption. The more one studies the conditions of life around; more instances of corruption are witnessed. There are examples of people who are honest and firm on their principles but unfortunately there are less people to appreciate them. In our State, corruption is rampant in politics, trade and in other social areas of life. We find in trade that hoarding, black marketing, illegal rates than the fixed ones are common and this has become a way of life. Whenever, a commodity is in great demand and its supply is short, prices increase disproportionately. During monsoon, whenever the road to State capital Kohima gets blocked, market witnesses worst kind of loot. Here traders create artificial scarcity of commodities, and thereby increase the prices. In Western countries traders on the eve of Christmas decrease the rates of essential human related commodities and items but here in spite of boasting of being a Christian state; the traders electrify the rates and resort to black marketing and hoarding during Christmas or any other festive occasion. And the people become helpless in the hands of these corrupt traders and are forced to compromise with their loot. In the field of academics a huge amount of money is invested in the name of fashioning standard and fully equipped schools but it is unfortunate that our State will be among the first ranks where the infrastructure and physical facilities are still causality in today’s knowledge-oriented society. Amazingly, education which could lift us as a great nation is not priority before us. This is the land where the people assigned with the job of developing roads and buildings lack acumen and proper strategy. Yes, this is the society where doctors examine their patients very seriously and attentively only at their private clinics. They have time, kindness, sympathy towards patients at their private clinics but not in government hospitals, where they get handsome salaries. We can see hundreds of doctors examining patients at their private clinics during official hours also while the poor patients suffer in the hospitals. Up to a point rules and regulations may be helpful to instill the fear in the minds of gullible. In a situation where the rot has spread much deep down and corrupt to the core have invented every method to deceive the system, passing of more stringent laws against corruption will hardly suffice the need. Laws create deterrence only among those with some sense of right and wrong, criminals hardly care. Doesn’t a doctor know that spurious medicine will prove grievously harmful to his patient and is a policeman not aware of his responsibilities? Still why does a doctor at the first instance prescribe a spurious medicine and why a custodian of law breaks the law for few bucks? The problem is not with the law, our value system has crumbled. When the sense of right and wrong has been deliberately made to vanish, the laws are not enough to govern a man, inherently predisposed to commit an error. There is an urgent need to keep alive the age old traditions of honesty, morality and religious faith. There is urgent need to develop in ourselves personal moral values and set high standards of conduct and behaviour and judge ourselves accordingly. Let us put ourselves to introspection and first deserve and then desire for some ideal and long cherished goal.