Let us all ponder once again about Naga Day


The Naga struggle does not lies with the Simon Commission of 1929 as this is completely outdated. The younger generation does not believe and consider this memorandum as British Colonial in India did not do anything even after a lapse of 16years-1946. Therefore, the long longing of Naga Sovereignty had not been considered even after the submission of Memorandum. This led to the formation of Naga Nationalist Council(NNC) in 1946 by the father of the Naga Nation Dr.A.Z.Phizo and he declared the Naga Independence on 14th August 1947 one day ahead of the Indian Independence. This auspicious day was declared as “Naga Day”(Ref. My journey in the Nagaland freedom movement – Mr.Biseto Medom Keyho Former- Home Minister(NNC). The betrayal of Sir Clement Atlee who was a member in the Simon Commission became the Prime Minister of Great Britain ignored completely the Naga rights and hand over the power to Indian in 1947 after knowing everything in the memorandum.(10-1-1929).
The present conference on 10th January 2018 called by the FNR-Forum for Naga Reconciliation has no history as per about mentioned statement. The FNR has not been led by the Holy Spirit, that was why their missions are always failed in bringing reconciliation among the various factions which is quite abomination to God-Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as the Forum could not availed the opportunity when it knocks on their door. We have been watching and constantly read news papers every day but in vain. Well, your FNR convener Dr.Rev. Wati Aeir and the writer of this article were the Alumnae of the Kohima Science College way back in 1970.
In order to have all on board for sovereignty Nagas gave clear support to NNC and gave it 99.9% vote.(Plebiscite)on 16th May 1951 which have been confirmed now by Hon.Chief Minister of Nagaland Shri.T.R.Zeliang when he said that “Naga problem is an International Issue” NP-3/12/2018. I congratulated him for speaking the truth after the inception of state hood on 1st December 1963. This should gave befitting memory to the Narendra Modi Government and also strengthening the position of the Naga people.
It is not understood how without knowing the real facts the Angami Public Organisation(APO) is going to host the gathering on 10th Jan.2018 is another blundering story. The present President of APO is my classmate way back in 1967 onward as we were alumnae of the Govt.High School Kohima. He is a very capable person and should never be deceived or mislead by any body. He knows me very well.
As Naga, we cannot have two( 2)different dates as NAGA DAY. Every Naga big or small we celebrated our Independence day- 14th August of every year as Naga Day. Let us all ponder over this seriously before the younger generation blame us all. Another blunder written the place name as Khuochiezie has no meaning as the plot of land belongs to my clan-T,Khel Kohima Village. If necessary we will meet and I will tell the story.Therefore, do not repeat the same again. This clarification also made clear in 2007 as the writer of this article was the Chief Guest of KVSA(Kohima Village Sport Association) at the same place.
” Therefore, NAGA DAY should be on 14th August every year as before”.Praise the Lord.

Dr.Er.Vikuotuolie Angami),Ph.D,M.Div.
Executive Member
Christian United For Isreal (CUFI).

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