Friday, May 24, 2024
Page Mail

Let the sleeping dogs lie…

Dear Madam,
As for the allegation that the “Opposition wants to protect the corrupt”, it is a matter of intense debate indeed; but the following zealous claim of “BJP wants to remove corrupt people from public life” must be appreciated to the full as it is indeed 100% true!
Without questioning why the investigative agencies never venture to Gujarat-Uttar Pradesh-Madhya Pradesh-Assam or why BJP leaders never get nabbed for engaging in corruption(series of scams like Vyapam Ventilator); it is well known that among the 25 Opposition leaders(of course hailing from “corrupt” parties) who have chosen to cross over to the BJP at various point of time, as many as 23 have managed to earn a reprieve with cases against them either closed or put in the “cold storage”! It proves that BJP is nothing but a “saffron-coloured washing machine” which can turn even the “blackest” leader to absolutely “pristine white”! So naturally BJP acts as the “social detergent” helping public life get rid of all stain of corruption!
So let the sleeping dogs lie as far as Electoral bond or public Fund opened during the onset of the pandemic are concerned!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata