Let Naga villages prepare RIIN: Shürhozelie

Let Naga villages prepare RIIN: Shürhozelie

Dimapur, July 15: In the wake of apprehension from various sections over the State Government’s move to prepare a ‘Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland’ (RIIN), former Nagaland Chief Minister, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu has put forth a proposal that to let Naga villages prepare the RIIN.
“I believe that the Register for Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland can best be prepared in its purest form within a short period of time by the Naga villages. The Government of Nagaland should trust her own people that this exercise can be done satisfactorily only by the indigenous citizens of Nagaland themselves,” he said.
Shürhozelie argued that since the decision to prepare RIIN is good, why not make it simpler and see that the register is prepared without implicating it with any other rules or regulations at the moment.
“Nagas have very close attachment to our ancestral villages wherever we may be. The family, clan and community system in the villages are still highly revered by one and all. Every village has its own history. The citizens living in towns go to their respective villages once or twice a year to attend festivals or important events in order to keep the link of their ancestral history alive. …Naga villages can rise to the occasion any time when they are entrusted with any responsibility in the interest of the people,” he said.
Shürhozelie also stressed the importance of students’ role in the exercise, saying students should assist, monitor the work in every village and for which they should be authorized to be part of the exercise.
“After completion, the Government can sit over it and apply their mind when and where or in what sense this register can be of use to protect the interest of the people,” he proposed. (Full Text)
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