Leshemi Losheteri Nye celebrated


Kohima, May 10: Leshemi Losheteri Nye was celebrated today with much pomp and traditional gaiety at Leshemi village under Phek district.
This festival is celebrated every year in the month of Loshekhrü (Transplantation month).
Losheteri means first transplantation of paddy. This festival is celebrated to seek blessings from the Creator for good grains.
During this season, in those days, war/headhunting is stopped by Diemi (mediators) for peaceful cultivation.
Addressing the celebration as guest speaker, Kekhwengulo Lea, president Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) called upon the people to promote and preserve the unique culture and traditional values.
He also asked the people to take the festival as an opportune platform to renew friendship and build better relationship for peaceful co-existence.
Lamenting that Nagas have lost our virtues and honesty in many ways, he called upon the people to place loyalty as their foremost principle to move forward in the right direction.
Impressed by the performance of “Losheteri Khuwe Pfo” by children, he said such conduct developed the spirit of patriotism in the minds of children in the olden days.
He saluted the pioneers/elders of Leshemi for their good wisdom and ideology towards safeguarding the village in those warfare/headhunting days.
During the festival, the children performed “Losheteri Khuwe Pfo.”
Leshemi is considered as the great warrior village. Being a great warrior village, children were trained in the art of warfare/headhunting through performing Oowhe (war chant/warrior chant) at a very young age in those days.
This Oowhe is performed by male children without pants who are yet to attain puberty or on the verge of puberty.
After the fight is stopped by Diemi (Mediators) these children goes for Naote Khru which means collection of tax from every household under their own jurisdiction.
Naote is traditionally is a tax in the form of rice ,corn, millets, clothing, animals before currency arrived but at present, money is also given as Naote to these children.
Thereafter, children compete against each other by bringing food filled with meat called Losheteri Khuwe. It is the joyous moment for the children. On the other hand, cultivators feast to stay strong and healthy for cultivation as time moves forward for cultivation.
These children hoisted flowers and demolished before they go for wrestling. After everything is competed with performing of Oowhe, they march in the wrestling arena for wrestling.
The festival was jointly hosted by Leshemi Youth Society, Leshemi village, Leshemi Youth Pfutsero town and Leshemi Youth Organization Kohima.
The programme was chaired by Neipetso Lomi. Welcome address was delivered by Vikedou Thahu, VDB secretary Leshemi village while brief history of Losheteri was given by Leshemi Village Council chairman Wezhiepe Sara.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Leshemi Youth Society chairman Lezolo Losou.
(Page News Service)