Monday, March 8, 2021
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Legalize Liquor Sale in Nagaland

The Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act, 1989 is an Act of Nagaland Legislative Assembly which prohibits possession, sale, consumption & manufacture of liquor and import and export of it in Nagaland.
The Act further bans the use or possession of denatured spirit or any material, utensil, implement or apparatus whatsoever used for manufacture of liquor. Publishing or display of advertisements of liquor or any other preparation fit for use as liquor in the newspapers and periodicals is also banned.
Whenever I read this act, it implies nothing more than a beautiful piece of mega comedy statement and I’m sure it does to a thousand more Nagas.
At times when i read my local dailies and see IMFL bottles being busted and seized the only thing that comes to my mind is how the importers must have paid less than expected to the Police Department to reach their products to the open underground market for mega sale, or is there another explanation to it ? I might be wrong! Please correct me if I am.
The officers of the Police Department starting from its constables to the top ranking officers are all very well aware and perhaps even have all information of Liquor Selling Outputs which are over hundreds in Kohima alone and thousands across the entire state all at their fingertips and perhaps most officers even make good use of them for personal income and even as faithful ever returning customers not just from time to time but even daily.
I would very much like to know how much do the police officers earn by by taxing the liquor joints and issuing their own sweet pass for the sale of it?
I dare the Police Department to answer how much side income do they earn starting from allowing IMFL to pass the check gates to allowing its sale openly throughout the state and under what law? Or is it the same old game of mutual understanding and under table relationships ? Will the police department bust the entire liquor joints in the state if the public report to them of their precise locations? Or does that sound like loss of you under table perks ? Im sure it does or maybe not report but perhaps remind?
Under the sudden pressure of NBCC this act was implemented in such a hurry and ever since the total prohibition the state has only caused the suffer of loss of economy which can be roughly estimated upto 30% of the entire state economy and a 90% loss of economy and increased problems for the families affected which can be roughly estimated upto 70% of all Naga families. Or in the simplest of terms it is a useless act implemented under pressure without any deep thinking or proper planning to make an image just as hypocrites do.
So What if Liquor sale was legalized ?
Drinkers will remain drinkers and Actors will remain actors.
It will not only improve and increase the economy and revenue of the state to a whole new level but even save the loss of dignity for the police department and might as well lower their responsibilities thus making them actually efficient than they can ever act.
The price of liquor which is tripled by the various taxes collected by various check posts and getting illegal police sale pass by police officers will be reduced dramatically and lower the price of alcohol even below MRP.
The state will have proper legal testing units to check the purity and toxicity level of alcohol to make sure the people are not drinking spirit as they do now.
Families with drinkers will not have to bear unnecessary financial burdens due to extra expenses spent on drinkers as they do now.
Lastly and most importantly free will, will reign on the state and after decades the so called Christian state can stop pretending to be liquor free and even create more responsible youths who will decide at free will the choices they make in life and don’t have to feel as ashamed in society for being called a drunkard in a globalized world.
Or the other way round is the state can guarantee 100% ban of every single bottle of liquor in Nagaland to solve this plague once and for all !
Church leaders, Civil Society leaders, NGOs! What are you saving your breaths for ? Or does it effect your financial statuses as well
Objections are most welcome. God save Nagaland.
Mhathozho Khizho
St. Joseph’s College Jakhama

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