Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Legal notice against State Govt for March 22 killings

Nagaland News

Says it went to sleep without enforcing its own order of maintaining status quo

Dimapur, April 12: Nagaland Government has been served with a legal notice for the “failure of the State’s machineries to enforce its own order” to maintain status quo at the disputed Dimapur-Peren border, leading to the killing of 3 persons on March 22.

The notice was served on April 8 by Advocate Chingmei Konyak of Joshua and Associates, on behalf of his client Kiyevi Village Council. It was addressed to Chief Secretary, Home Commissioner, Commissioner, Director General of Police, Deputy Commissioners of Dimapur and Peren, Commissioner of Police Dimapur and Superintendent of Police Peren.
“Without going into the actual issue of land ownership dispute created by the Lamhai village, which will be decided by relying upon the judicial decisions and documents on record, the present legal notice is confined to the defeat of rule of law, on the failure of the State’s machineries to enforce its own order contributing to the most unfortunate incident of March 22, 2021,” it stated.
In consideration of the verification reports and the brewing tension posing imminent danger to maintenance of law and order, Nagaland Government had issued an order on June 25, 2019, directing maintenance of status quo at the disputed belt, it pointed out.
The notice cited two verification letters, dated July 8, 2019 and February 1, 2021 respectively, which “specifically mentioned that activities are taking place against the status quo order of the government”.
“Yet, the State Government went to sleep without enforcing its own order. This clearly shows malice, malafide and ulterior motive of the State Government. It clearly reflects the absence of the rule of law in Nagaland,” it read.
It went on to remind that the State Government is governed by the law to evict and remove the violators of law from the declared disputed area. The utter failure of the State Government to enforce law resulted in the killings, it added.

“While the crime is a different subject matter, the State Government must take responsibility for its own contribution of lawlessness in the area,” the notice stated.
It placed six demands: to implement the status quo order in its true essence; to evict the violators of status quo order with immediate effect; to stop harassing the Kiyevi villagers for the State Government’s failure to enforce rule of law; to define the Dimapur District Court to have jurisdiction to try the offence(s), in as much the Kiyevi village is under Dimapur District; to restrain representatives of the people from inciting further lawlessness; and to act on the legal notice within 1 month.
It warned that of appropriate legal proceeding if the State Government fails to act on the notice. (Page News Service)