Do you know with what lightness we ignited our world?
At first, we learnt to wonder from streams of smoke,
then, the predicament of conscience from ants,
and then, the melodrama of love from flowers,
even the coordinates of rituals from rocks,
Which fashioned
the preamble of society from fishes.
Armed with this array of impulses, we, learnt, uneasily,
To live with each other, with songs and dance to gel
A newfound togetherness,
Fearful that like licks of fire that vapourise into the night,
We will be forgotten.

While we were intersecting our worlds with
Interesting and intelligent riddles,
Tilling into a damp earth, tales of wonder, tales
Of woe,
We also spat our applauses into the din of history
as headmasters and pastors gleaned another
history of another place and another time and
celebrated it for a dime a dance –
realizing not, that history was priviledge,
and sent it to the axe, to the axe.
Now, we learn too hard,
Even when in the arsenal of our wars, we find miracles.
In the torrent of consciences,
the eruption of passion.
In the tongues of lovers,
a provincial affection.
In our beliefs, a dialect unlearned. Myths at best.
But to be passed on.

Yanbeni Yanthan
Assistant Professor
Nagaland University.