Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Leaders misleading Nagas in favour of CAB: ANCSU


Dimapur, May 25: The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has expressed serious concern over what it called the treacherous Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, which the students body said, is not only against the interest of the whole North-East tribal citizens, but also an infringement to the peaceful co-existence of the region.
“The Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 which has unfortunately become the talk of the town has immeasurable threat to the existence of Nagas,” said a press release issued by ANCSU president Katho P Awomi and general secretary Vimeyiekho Vitso.
The ANCSU also appealed to political or social leaders to restrain from misleading the Nagas in favour of the CAB in action or otherwise “as it may invite ugly retaliations towards any such betrayal.”
Lamenting that various political leaders of the State have “unwisely spoken” in favour of CAB, the ANCSU said it is clear to the young minds of the State that the Bill is catastrophe to the integrity of Nagas.
“The youths of the state have posed unflinching faith upon its leaders over the years’, however some egoistical political leaders have taken the advantage even to the extent of betraying the mandate of the youths and perhaps, even in a situation to compromise the safety of the Nagas just to please its leaders in return for personal benefits,” it claimed.
It appealed to all leaders to be the mouthpiece of Naga aspirations and “not a demon to Nagas.”
(Page News Service)