Sunday, May 9, 2021

Law breakers

It is a fact that Government job is aimed at providing better services to the public. Government servants act as organs for the Government. If they fail to do justice to their allotted jobs and neglect or deprive the public of their due services, the concerned Government is held responsible. Though every Government job is performed by different persons in different capacities, yet some specific jobs involve an exclusive public dealing. Police Department is a case in point. For instance, a doctor provides his services to the public by conducting the medical treatment of their different ailments. An engineer provides his services in respect of various construction works meant for the betterment of the public. A teacher renders his services for educating the students enabling them to earn the means of their livelihood; a lawyer offers his legal services to the public. Similarly there are other categories of employees like forest personnel, para-medical staff, transport staff, class IV staff, etc., who provide their services to the public within the purview of their job. From the above perspective, the police personnel are also required to render their services to the public to safeguard their life and property. Admittedly the police organization is a law and order enforcing agency. Its primary job is to assist the State administration in maintaining law and order. Obviously when there are any crisis in the State, law breakers adopt to illegal methods, resort to violence, use force and deadly weapons, damage public property or attempt to attack any public or private person while performing his respective activities. The police personnel are justified to come into action and control the situation even by applying the required force. But unfortunately, we are today regularly witness to cases of police brutality in the State, which raises many questions on the leadership and capability of the police higher-ups. Here a question arises as to what is the role of police during normal situation. Do they perform any special task during the days of normalcy which carries any positive impact on the betterment of public life? Do they really try to eradicate certain evils prevalent or generating in the society? Do they render justice to the needy and punish the wrong doers? There are a number of such debatable issues whose positive reply can prove and justify the relevance of the police personnel working in the system. In the present scenario when one assess the working of our police in its real sense, who claim to be protectors of the life and property of the public, yet they appear to be only the bodyguards of the State higher ups, like bureaucrats and political leaders, etc. At other times, they are out breaking the law or creating law and order situation through their highhandedness. Today the need of policing with a human touch has again come to the fore with the recent assault on a doctor by IRB personnel in Dimapur. This is not the first time that doctors on COVID-19 duty had been assaulted by police during these trying pandemic times. When doctors and other frontline workers are assaulted at will by police during this health crisis, one can well imagine the plight of the general public, who had faced the ire of the State police but which goes unreported. Police assault on public has become a recurring issue today because no actions are taken against any officers for the misdeeds of their jawans. In fact if actions had been taken against the controlling officers or higher ups of the erring patrol parties in earlier cases, such incidents could not have happened with such regularity. Today it is no wonder why our people are un-willing and hesitates to talk to a police constable. Rather they try to save themselves from falling in the trap of the State police. It is a fact that common people prefers to settle their disputes within themselves, or take their cases to Naga national groups, instead of involving the police for any assistance, for reasons best known to all. A time has come for the State police to read the writing on the wall and change their behavior in dealing with their fellow citizens otherwise they will not only find themselves completely alienated from the society, but perhaps also face social boycott in near future.