Saturday, February 27, 2021

Last of our teenage years

When it comes to marking anniversaries, the temptation to mire ourselves in the past is strong. As we mark Nagaland Page’s 19th Anniversary today, our focus this year is, as always, squarely on the current and future Nagaland and her people.  In a world where innovation, change, development and infrastructure are aspired, demanded and expected, our people deserve the latest information and analyses so as to know our rights and duties and acquire knowledge ~ for knowledge is power. Knowledge is power ~ and this power can be used for good, for not-so-good and sometimes downright evil. Our objective has always been and continues to be, to provide unbiased and impartial information, analyses, views and opinions to our readers so that we may, as a people, utilize them to better equip ourselves to fight for our rights because the foundation of our growth development and progress, as also the platform to fully realize our potentials as human beings, lay in our access to and enjoyment of our rights. As citizens of Nagaland, we are entitled to better governance, infrastructure ~ education, health, power supply, roads and bridges ~ and access to a level playing field to compete on the world stage. As a publication, we continue to learn from our past but do not allow our past to dictate, worse still darken our future ~ because with one foot in the past, we cannot move very far ahead ~ so we won’t bask in past glories also. We have to take small, challenging and scary strides to free ourselves from the old and get on with the new, which doesn’t mean total abandonment and disregard for the old and indiscriminate embracement of the new. Discernment has always been the key to changing attitudes and mindsets to enable and empower us to cope better with the rapidly-changing world. This then necessarily entails introspections and reflections on our ideals, priorities, belief- systems and value-systems ~ which, as a corollary, means integrity, the ethical and generally our moral compass. Time allows us to judiciously look at what is and what will be and empowers us to let go of what happened and wisdom lies in utilizing Time and the wisdom it brings with it. Our readers’ compliment that Nagaland Page is different has always been an encouragement for us ~ yes we are different because we have always aspired to be much more than a newspaper. So every issue throughout the week is thematic. Our Monday issues deal with the political and/or currents topics of the day; Tuesdays are dedicated to Education and youth; Wednesdays to health issues; Thursdays to environment and related issues; Fridays to women and gender issues; our Saturdays issues are more open depending on the gravity or levity of current issues on any topic; and, we dedicate Sundays to all issues under the sun ~ not least Literature. Yet, we do not exclude any issue throughout the week too. Today, on our 19th Anniversary, we thank our print edition readers, who have stood by us since our commencement and continue to do so in so many ways and all our online readers, who are now one of our most loyal readers including those who follow us and subscribe to us on Facebook and our other online platforms. We note our failure to reach the nooks and corners of Nagaland with our print editions due to several factors, not least our own weaknesses, but we thank the Almighty for the blessings of technology, which has tremendously increased our readership within and without Nagaland ~ our sincerest gratitude to all of you for your unwavering faith and support. The Nagaland Page Family today embrace ourselves with a huge hug because each of us have worked tirelessly to bring out our little Black-and-White tabloid-sized paper every day after carrying enormous crosses and overcoming innumerable hurdles to reach doorsteps ~ but we are not a Tabloid. The Nagaland Page Family is an epitome of teamwork right from news-gathering, to printing, to keeping accounts, managing stocks, etc., and to reaching doorsteps each and every day ~ although there are times all of us would love nothing more than to strangle each other but better sense prevails so we weave our individual assignments together to create our tiny Black-and-White daily English newspaper, which today completes the last of its teenage years. For nineteen years we have plodded on ergo today we embolden ourselves to dare and dream on.