Tuesday, April 16, 2024

‘Last election’ appeal means Nitish Kumar is seeking ‘mercy’ for his non-performance: Chidambaram


New Delhi, November 6: Congress leader P Chidambaram on Thursday claimed Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has conceded defeat by declaring the ongoing state assembly polls as the last election he is contesting.
The senior Congress leader also alleged that the “last election” ploy was a “plea for mercy” due to Kumar’s non-performance.
“When Mr Nitish Kumar declares that this will be his ‘last election’ he has effectively conceded defeat,” Chidambaram said on Twitter.
The former finance minister also said, the “‘Last election’ ploy is not an appeal for support based on his performance, but a plea for mercy on the basis of his non-performance”.
“Why should the people of Bihar vote for a person who, if elected, will be a lame duck from day one,” he asked.
On the last day of campaigning for the third phase of the Bihar polls, Nitish Kumar stunned his audience with his remark that the assembly elections under way in the state were his last.
The NDA’s chief ministerial candidate was addressing a rally at Dhamdaha in Purnea district. Campaigning for the last of the three-phase election ended on Thursday.
“Today is the last day of campaign. Polling will take place day after tomorrow. This is my last election (ye mera antim chunav hai). All is well that ends well (ant bhala to sab bhala),” said Kumar. (PTI)