Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Ladigarh voters cast vote in jungle


Kohima, April 11: This time there was no countermanding of poll in Ladigarh but the voters had to walk deep inside the jungle to exercise their franchise from a makeshift polling booth.
Sources said defying 144CrPc proclaimed by Assam police in and around Ladigarh two weeks back, around 400 voters braving inclement weather walked deep inside the jungle to cast their votes. The makeshift polling booth was set up in the jungle by the Government with the support of Yonlok village council.
Since 2006, dispute has surfaced in Ladigarh with both Nagaland and Assam claiming it as theirs. The Government Primary School, where Nagaland used to conduct election, has been taken over by Assam.
For today, the State Government had to seek the support of Yonlok village council to conduct the election. The village council had asked the Government to resolve the issue with the Assam Government so that elections can be held in Ladigarh in future.
Ladigarh is under Tamlu constituency with around 400 voters but Assam claims Ladigarh, which is a part of Sivasagar district. Nagaland counters this and claims that, based on their records, the Ladigarh polling station exists well within its own territory at Government Lower Primary School, Geleky. In 2014 by-election to Lok Sabha, adjourned poll was ordered in Ladigarh in temporary shed near Piching Nullah.
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