Saturday, July 24, 2021
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KYGK appreciates

The Kulolau Yemishe Ghami Kuqhakulu (KYGK) express our appreciation towards the statement issued by MIP of NSCN (R) on 16.03.2021 on the case related to the reinstatement of Khekato Kinimi, who is the prime accused in the cold-blooded murder of Major Toishe Yepthomi of NSCN (IM). This clarification from the NSCN-R was an appeal which was made by KYGK and Lizuto Union Dimapur. However the KYGK would like to seek further clarification on the issue where the MIP had mentioned that the Joint Council of NSCN (R) has not accepted the service termination of accused Khekato Kinimi and therefore KGYK would like to ask the NSCN (R) president if he and accused Khekato Kinimi had jointly collaborated to murder Major Toishe Yepthomi. KYGK has every right to question the motive of NSCN (R) president as the prime accused Khekato Kinimi, who is believed to be absconding and still not arrested by the law enforcing agencies, was taken back into the NSCN (R) organization by the President after being communicated to KYGK that he was terminated.
KYGK also would like to ask the law enforcing agencies and the Government over the delay in arrest of the accused Khekato Kinimi even after 3 years since the case was registered against him. KYGK appeal to the law enforcing agencies to spell out the problems or hurdles being faced by the Police in causing the delay over the arrest of the murder accused and also state if the accused is under protection from any provisions of the law.
KYGK, with full faith and confidence on the police and law enforcing agencies that all those involved in the August 16 incident would be arrested and justice would be delivered had submitted a representation to the Commissioner of Police Dimapur on 2-9-2019, copies of which was also handed out to all the local newspapers for publication. However, till date, no positive action has been taken in this regard and therefore KYGK appeal to the Government and the law enforcing agencies to settle the case within 15 (Fifteen) days from the publication of this press release failing which the KYGK would resort to any form of democratic objection to voice our displeasure over the delay in delivering justice to late Toishe Yepthomi.
President General Secretary

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