Friday, May 31, 2024
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KYGK appeals for justice

The Kulolau Yemishe Ghami Kuqhakulu (KYGK) is constrained to issue this press release for the purpose of clarity, widespread dissemination of information and in our continuous effort for delivery of justice in the case pertaining to the cold blooded murder of Major Toishe Yeptho of NSCN(IM) by prime accused Khekato Kinimi on August 16, 2019.

Late Major Toishe Yeptho hailed from Yemishe Village and from his teenage, decided to dedicate his life for the cause of the Naga Nation and joined the Naga Army. While in service of the Naga cause, he was shot in full sight of his wife and children by malicious unidentified gunmen on August 16, 2019. Before death, he had settled in Dimapur with his family and was an active member of KYGK, who had shared his thoughts and deeds for the uplift of the KYGK community. He was also looked up by the KYGK as an upright and responsible person at the time when the solution to the decades old Indo-Naga political solution seemed in sight. His death at this time had hurt the core of the hearts of all the children of Assu (grandfather) Yemishe and while the dead cannot come alive to tell the truth, the living ones have got every right to know the truth and therefore the KYGK, right from the beginning till today, is standing firm towards seeking justice for late Major Toishe Yeptho and will continue to do so till the end.
Towards this the KYGK had submitted a memorandum to Commissioner of Police Dimapur on 28 August 2019 seeking justice in the case and also for speedy arrest of the culprits. On 26 August, 2019, KYGK had also appealed to all the Naga National Political Groups to disown the cadres if found involved in this murder case and also not to entertain them in any of the political groups. Accordingly, NSCN (R) terminated the service of prime accused Khekato Kinimi on 29 August, 2019 from the organization. However, the reinstating of murder accused Khekato Kinimi by the president NSCN (R) came to the knowledge of KYGK after which the KYGK had issued an “open letter” through the newspapers seeking clarification from the NSCN (R) president on 21 October, 2020 on Khekato’s reinstatement. While awaiting response from the NSCN (R) president, the MIP NSCN (R) issued a statement in the local news dailies on March 16, 2021 stating that Khekato Kinimi was yet to be recalled (re-appointed) and that it “strongly” reaffirmed that if any decision has to be decided against Khekato, it would be done “only through the Joint Council and no other claims shall be entertained whatsoever.These divergent views, first of NSCN (R) president’s office appointing Khekato Kinimi as kilonser of chaplee and secondly, the denial by the MIP NSCN (R) was contradictory prompting KYGK to seek further clarification on the matter.
However, the NSCN (R) president’s office, through the PA on March 19, 2021 issued a statement stating that Khekato Kinimi was proved off his innocence and therefore he was recalled back to the organization and further asked the KYGK officials to collect the “confessional statements” from the CHQ within 10 days. KYGK would like to inform the NSCN (R) president’s office that KYGK is not an investigative nor a trial agency but it is a Union seeking justice from the law enforcing agencies that are competent and well-equipped to handle such cases. Therefore KYGK going to CHQ to collect any unofficial confessional documents is not our job but rather we are only asking the concerned law enforcing agency/s to delve deep into the case and conclude the case without any delay or hindrances.
Had this particular case been petty in any sense of the term, KYGK would not have toiled and struggled, knocking at the doors of the law enforcing agencies for nearly 2 years now and we believe that taking a life out of an individual for no crime of his is not a petty case. Can we sit silently when our loved one was murdered for no fault of his and treat the case as petty? What bigger crime can there be than murder?

Lastly, KYGK is of the view that any differences of opinions from the NSCN(R) President’s office and the NSCN(R) MIP may be treated as an internal matter of the organization but what matters to KYGK is that justice should be delivered to us in the case of Late Toishe Yeptho of Yemishe Village who was shot in cold blooded manner and that those responsible for the dastardly act should be apprehended and punished according to the Law. We appeal that justice should be delivered towards which we will continue to stand firm till the case is given its due share of credibility by virtue of its magnanimity.
President General Secretary