KVYO demands immediate repair of roads in Kohima

KVYO demands immediate  repair of roads in Kohima

Dimapur, August 13: The Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) has appealed to the Chief Minister of Nagaland to immediately repair and construct quality roads and drainages in and around Kohima including Sanuorü Bridge.
In a representation to the Chief Minister, the KVYO said, “It is just unacceptable that the state capital is at this scale of sorry state wherein, the most important lifelines are not taken as top priority; where policy makers either blame lack of funds or divert the funds and ply everyday over uncountable potholes with their luxurious cars; contractors blame daylight robbery and lipstick the roads that lasts only for few months; and the BRO/GREF blames the centre or the meagre allotted funds. If a state capital is in this state of negligence, it is unworthy mentioning the state of the interior districts.”
The KVYO while heavy rains takes the blame for creating landslides, other important factors such as poor workmanship, improper planning, lack of technical expertise, lack of proper supervision by engineers and corruption at the departmental, Government and political level must also take into blame. It opined that unless the ministers, contractors, BRO/GREF/PWD/Roads and Bridges Department take their job seriously and honestly “Heavy rain or no rain” Kohima will never see the light of day.
With major roads being cut-off, the KVYO, like many other voluntary social establishments in different locations, said it had within its capacity aided by machinery support from well wishers and the PWD department had done temporary repairing of all blocked roads leading to the State’s secretariat besides aiding the traffic personals. The organisation said it had also cleared all existing in-routes and circular roads under its jurisdiction for all commuters thereby lightening the miseries of the denizens to an extent and is still ready to assist the Government in whatever way possible.
Appreciating the Government for running from pillar to post to avail financial assistance from Central Government, the KVYO hoped that it truly serves the purpose for which it was granted – the public and affected roads. It urged the Government to make a concerted effort of all the departments to pool resources together to mitigate, prevent and contain such manmade disaster in future to save Kohima city.(Page News Service)