Saturday, July 31, 2021

KVYO commemorates KVSA 75th anniversary

Kohima, January 12: The Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) yesterday commemorated the 75th anniversary celebration of Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) at Kohima village ground, Ziekiezou.
The 75th anniversary celebration was marked by honouring the pioneers of KVSA since its inception on 1944, gratitude citation, KVSA meritorious awards to sports achievers, KVSA posthumous award, KVSA recognition awards and 75th anniversary appreciation citation.
KYVO president Dzüvinguzo Mepfhüo delivered the presidential address while welcome address was delivered by Ketounei Kire, convenor organizing committee. Traditional blessing was pronounced by Head GB Medo Keretsü. Kohima Village council chairman also shared greetings.
Mengu Suokhrie, LC Sekhose, Keneisenuo Soukhrie, Veriezhünuo Solo, Khriekethozo Sekhose and Dziesekhrienuo Keretsü performed at the celebration.
Highlighting the history of KVSA, the KVYO stated that Kohima village had times in the past when bitterness and negative rivalry existed, which hampered the growth of understanding and friendship among them.
“However even then, respective khel elders strongly felt the need for all khels to transcend and overcome these barriers of hatred and enmity and develop a sense of oneness and live together in mutual harmony and friendship,” it stated.
This inner longing of all khels was translated into a concrete reality in a meeting in 1944 giving birth to the idea of a friendly wrestling meet.
“As according to our customary and traditional practice, the moment two individuals meet in a wrestling bout, a new friendship is established henceforth,” it stated.
The year 1944, saw all Kohima village youth preparing themselves for the proposed wrestling tournament which unfortunately could not take place owing to the onset of the 2nd World War.
According to KVYO, the year 1944 was the year which laid the foundation of the Kohima village annual sports meet which in due time evolved into Kohima Village Sports Association.
Starting from 1945 the following year, the wrestling meet was held at Thevokemouzie of Lhisemia khel with the invocation of blessing offered by Head G.B Lt. Zeyunyii Yhome.
Owing to this sports meet a spirit and an atmosphere of respect, oneness and mutual harmony has been cultivated and brought about among our village members.
With the celebration of 75th KVSA anniversary today, the KVYO offered “praise and thanks” to the Lord Almighty for his abundant grace and blessing showered upon the people of Kohima Village.
The KVYO with solemn dignity also conveyed its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the pioneers, athletes, sports personalities, the whole of Kohima village and to all KVSA well-wishers.
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