Tuesday, October 20, 2020

KVCOA condemns allegations against L Kire

Dimapur, April 18: The Kohima Village Gazetted Officers’ Association (KVGOA) has condemned the character assassination of its former president and bonafide member, L Kire, Principal Secretary, Rural Department, Government of Nagaland.
Reacting to an allegation by the NPF, the KVGOA said under the guise of attacking the PDA Government, L Kire has been made a scapegoat and certain unfounded serious allegations have been levelled against him.
The Association said there is no question of favoritism or nepotism, when the said officer hails from Kohima village.
“On the contrary if as alleged he has been biased to Kuda Village, one of the oldest settlements in Dimapur with a multi tribe/ethnicity composition, the public should be lauding his efforts for wanting to bring much needed development in Dimapur district, particularly the village through which one of the main arterial roads pass through-a lifeline for many denizens of Dimapur town and not just the village in question,” it said in a press release.
However, it said tarnishing the good image of the officer in media with unsubstantiated allegations needs to be condemned by one and all.
The association firmly stood by its member, L Kire and further cautioned any party, organisation or individuals not to resort to ”character assassinate” with false allegation in the future.
It also asked responsible political party to refrain from setting dangerous precedent of making personal accusations against an in-service officer, if only to take a shot against a rival party.
While a strong opposition can raise substantiated issues against Government, it is not healthy to level personal attacks against an individual government employee, it added.
(Page News Service)