KVC rejoinder to NPF


Apropos of the news item captioned “NPF accuses PDA govt of misusing MGNREGA fund” published in local dailies of 13th April, 2018 issue and also carried in all other local dailies, the Kuda Village Council is shocked to have seen its name being dragged into the controversy by the NPF, which is presently in the opposition. While it may be the duty of the opposition to raise issues, if there is any embezzlement of funds by any government officer or agency, however, the Kuda Village Council is surprised to see the myopic attitude of the NPF in pointing out an individual officer who has concern for the village development by alleging “favouritism, nepotism and corruption” by the said officer. As a matter of fact, being the son of one of the first settler of not only Kuda (Nagarjan) village but the whole of Dimapur who had settled in Kuda village in the early 1940’s, it is therefore natural for Shri. Abio Kire, presently the Principal Secretary Rural Development, for having unwavering concern and interest in the development of Kuda village in particular and Dimapur town in general.
Through this note, the Kuda Village Council is also to highlight to the general public that the village has been neglected by successive governments. It may be pointed out that the last major developmental activity undertaken by the government apart from normal VDB programmes was in 2001-2002 under PMGSY for “Repair & Renovation of Kuda Road from Nagarjan Police Point to 3rd Mile, NH 29” which was during the Congress government in the state. Though the road cater to much of the light vehicles to Dimapur town, being the bye-pass road from NH 29, the subsequent governments did not bother to even repair the road, though the same was in a very bad shape which compelled the Village Council to repair the road from its own funds as follows;
1. In 2011 incurred expenditure of Rs. 4.20 lakh for repair of Kuda Road.
2. In 2012 incurred expenditure of Rs. 2.00 lakh for repair of Kuda Road.
3. In 2013 incurred expenditure of Rs. 4.00 lakh for repair of Kuda Road.
4. In 2014 incurred expenditure of Rs. 14.92 lakh for repair of Kuda Road.
It is also learnt that in 2016 the then NPF government sanctioned an amount of Rs 1.50 Crore for repair of Kuda Road, but every commuters knows very well that the pot-holes needs to be filled up urgently before the onset of monsoon and therefore, the Village Council has once again resolved to fill up the pot-holes from its own fund and for this, the Council has sanctioned an amount of Rs 4.00 lakh. The work shall be executed within 2 weeks time. In this connection, the Council would also like to point out that MGNREGS being a demand driven schemes and as there is demand for work, why Kuda village should be denied?
Therefore, in the light of the press statement issued by the Press Bureau, NPF Central Headquarters, Kohima, the Kuda Village Council wonders what wrong has the concern officer committed by trying to develop his village which had remained a neglected village for long. The Council further wonders whether the concern officer has embezzled any amount when funds or even the work orders are yet to be released so as to let the NPF alleged “nepotism and corruption” or question the integrity of the said officer.
Through this press rejoinder, the Kuda Village Council APPEAL all political parties not to politicize the matter, but allow the VDB Kuda Village to utilise the fund as and when the same is release for the sake of development which shall be in the interest of all concern.
Achubou Meruno, Chairman, Kuda Village Council, Dimapur

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