Friday, September 29, 2023

Küzholüzo Nienu lauds Dimapur’s Muslim community


Page Staffer
DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 30: Leader of NPF party and co-chairman of UDA, Küzholüzo Nienu on Sunday stated that the Muslim community in Dimapur today are no longer backward but have advanced in education and economy, and appealed to the community to be assets to the society and the State.
Speaking as special guest during the 18th Nagaland Muslim Students’ Felicitation Programme held here at Christian Higher Secondary School Hall, Dimapur, Nienu applauded the Muslim community for encouraging students.
Terming such programmes as more result-oriented than meetings and conferences, he claimed that Nagas sadly don’t do felicitation programmes and no one recognises or appreciates the efforts of others, leaving them unmotivated.
According to him, if Muslim community is excelling academically, it is because of such recognition.
“We Nagas have become hypocrites, good in words but not in actions”, he said, adding that while Nagas call each other brothers, they are full of hatred for each other. He stated that tribalism in the Naga society is showing its ugly head, totally dividing the society, and Nagas need to learn from the Muslim community.
He praised the MCD for their motto “Unity, Integrity, and Communal Harmony”, and urged all Nagas to adopt the motto in letter and spirit, not just in words but also in action.
He urged the gathering to remember that knowledge is like a crown on one’s head, and that it is up to oneself whether to use it in a good or bad way. He lamented that people have begun to use education and knowledge in a very negative manner, using education and knowledge to rob the country and the exchequer, and he advised the gathering to remember that knowledge is given by God and to use it for good purposes.
Nienu stated that today, when the world is changing at a rapid pace and people’s mindsets are changing, it is time to consider what one can do for the community and country rather than the other way around.
During the programme, Gautom Kumar Roy and Mohsin Khan, second-generation entrepreneurs and business partners, were jointly awarded this year’s MCD Communal Harmony Award , which MCD gives every year to individuals who make significant contributions to communal harmony in the district.
Roy and Khan are the sons of business partners who started their business in Dimapur in the 1960s and, though they are no longer alive, their sons have continued the business and partnership, demonstrating communal harmony despite coming from different religions.
Meanwhile, in his brief remark, special invitee, AS Tafadar, founder of Unity Education, Foundation & Law House, Guwahati, while congratulating the students on their hard work and sacrifices, called the felicitation programme a defining and proud moment.
He also expressed his gratitude to MCD for organising the programme in honour of the students, noting that the students are critical to the nation’s development and people should extend their support to MCD which encourages the students. He suggested that one should learn how to lead a community from MCD. He mentioned that the community needs good lawyers and encouraged the students to study law.
President of Naga Council, Etsungmomo Kikon, president of Dimapur District Citizens Forum, Y Kikon, Administrator, Dimapur Municipal Council, Albert Ezung, and vice president, BJP Nagaland, Basu Damani also spoke on the occasion.
This year, only the students who secured 75% and above in the recently declared HSLC and HSSLC exams were felicitated. It may be mentioned that in the very first felicitation programme by MCD, eight students who scored more than 60% were felicitated. This year more than a hundred students were felicitated.