Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Kuzholuzo (Azo) is the legitimate president of NPF Party

As empowered by the CEC Meeting resolution dated the 24th may 2023, the party president has constituted the election Board for election to central office for the tenure 2024-2028. Accordingly the election board held a meeting on the 11th Oct.2023 to elect/ select the candidate for the post of president. In due course of time, the board were on the process of electing/ selecting the one and only applicant Mr. Kuzholuzo (Azo) for the post of president supported by an over whelming majority board members of 8(Eight) on his side out of 11(eleven). However on that day, the minority members have over ruled the wishes of the majority members by stating that the board has been dissolved on the ground of no consensus which is undemocratic act and against the party constitution.
Then, the party high command again unilaterally & arbitrarily re- constituted the election board on top confidential basis violating all the established rules & norms whereby at the eleventh hour, nominated the senior member Mr. Apong Pongener as the new party president which was to be announced during the party general convention for final approval.
On the following day i.e. the party general convention dated the 21st Oct.2023, there were around 1000 (one thousand) party men & women gathered inside the general convention hall when Mr. Apong Pongener name was announced as the new party president, about two thirds of its members present refused to raise their hands disapproving of his candldature which was in full view of all and now, in public domain.
Whereas besides the election board Mr. Azo has the support of 10 (ten) Divisional presidents out of 14 (fourteen ) as well as over whelming support of more than 8001o of the party office bearers from the top down to the grass root level including both the primary & active members. On top of it, even the grand old respected leader Dr. Shürhozelie has gracefully told Mr. Azo to be careful in his dealings and lead the party which can be termed as given his consent & blessing to Mr. Azo for taking up the party leadership.
However, it was learned that the very next hour he again told Mr. Apong Pongener to be mentally prepared for the job as Mr. Azo has withdrawn his candidature had infact, completely confused & ruffled the party rank & file beyond one’s comprehension.
Thus, having seen the sequence & consequence evidences that followed pertaining to the party presidential election / selection process, Mr. Azo is the legitimate president of NPF party.
The NPF party proclaimed that the cock symbol represents the Naga Identity & ideology. Further, it always emphasized that it is the only party that protect & safeguards the interests of the Nagas. But here, the real threat to cock is when there is no taker from the Naga people.
Today, the NPF is in shamble because the hard fact that remains unanswered is that the party don’t follow its constitution and there is no inner democracy and fair functioning system at all in the party. As such, the majority voice is suppressed by the minority voice while some few always run the show in the party to suit one’s own interest and sweet-will only, and not for the growth of the party.
Remember, absent of the inner democracy and fair functioning system in the party has been resulting trust deficits, conflict of interests and egotisms in the party for a long time. And because of this fact, the NPF party has become a crisis- laden party in the state.
Lastly, any law, rule or provision/s in the constitution becomes obsolete after 40-50 years of its existence thereby with the changing time, amendment or replacement of its constitutional provision/s becomes an absolute necessity. Therefore, the NPF party need to reform lest it is just a private- enterprise, not a political party.
Acknowledge it as a positive criticism for a better tomorrow and not otherwise. I wish to see the party rising up to a greater & higher level under the new leadership.
Sevotso Seyie
Ex-Gen. Secy. (COB), NPF
Kohima Town