Saturday, January 16, 2021

Kuzhalhu Zawe conducts 18th general session

Neiba Kronu

Kohima, November 29: The Kuzhalhu Zawe has conducted its 18th general session cum pre-golden jubilee celebration at Pfutsero town on November 28 with Neiba Kronu, minister for planning & coordination, land revenue and parliamentary affairs as the speaker.

Addressing the gathering, Kronu congratulated the Kuzhalhu Zawe, the Kuzhami Chakhesang community for organizing the 18th General Session by following adequate arrangements as per COVID- 19 SOPs.
Kronu stated that Nagas are going through a transitional time at this juncture and acknowledged that Government of India is sincerely working hard to bring amicable solution to Indo-Naga political issue.
He also informed the leaders that the state government is making its best effort to discuss with all the stakeholders to come to a better understanding on the issue. Kronu also expressed his concern over the division amongst the people and urged all to rise up for the larger common good.
He recalled the rich history of the Kuzhamis and urged the leaders to uphold the legacy of the ancestors and work hard for better future ahead of them.
Kronu reminded the gathering how the British build vast empire bringing almost the whole world under them though their population is few comparing to the population they ruled and reminded the people present in the meeting that in the end it is not always about number but even few people can achieve much if they work hard together in unity.
He also challenged the Kuzhami people to learn to rise above petty issues for common good and be a torch bearer of peace to others around them.
Kronu said, after much hard work and sacrifices, good road connectivity in the region will become a reality soon while citing the construction of Kohima to Jessami two lane road project, Viswema -Zuketsa – Pfutsero road and Pfutsero to Tatubi inter state roads.
He also urged the people to avail the economic opportunities it would foster in the days to come by preparing themselves now.
He urged the people to resolve land issues in the implementation of these crucial government projects as the ultimate benefit will be the people living in the region.
He informed the people that this is the best time to start plantations of fruit trees and other cash crops.
Kronu also spoke on the importance of human resource development and urged the community leaders to make efforts to facilitate quality education and skill education for their children to raise an empowered generation.
The minister appreciated the Kuzhalhu Zawe team for coming out with transparent reports of its activities and resource utilization and said that all village leaders present should emulate them in maintaining transparency.
Earlier, Kuzhalhu Zawe president Neilo Khape delivered presidential address and highlighted the achievements of the team and difficult challenges encountered during the present tenure and urged the community leaders to rise above trivial issues for common good of the people.
The programme was led by Yetshulhi Ngatsi, Vice president.

Neikhrolo Khrolo, convenor search committee for the new team presented the report and urged the present team to continue till Golden Jubilee celebration in 2021 and accordingly the house approved the recommendation of the search committee.
Rev. Khrotso Mero, executive secretary Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) prayed for the office bearers.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Kewekolo-u Ritse.
The programme was attended by village leaders of 16 villages from Khezhakeno to Krowemi Village including two villages from the state of Manipur. (Page News Service)