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Kuzhalhü Zawe celebrates golden jubilee

Kuzhalhu Zawe
Minister Kronu, his wife Lanu Kronu with officials and elders of Kuzhalhü Zawe after unveiling the jubilee monolith at Pfutsero on November 19.

Neiba Kronu urges people to remain united

Pfutsero, November 19: The Kuzhalhü Zawe, an apex body of 17 villages under Phek district and Manipur today celebrated its 50 years of existence with Minister for Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs Neiba Kronu as the special guest. The golden jubilee celebration was held on the theme “Sesomiso” translated as Integrity was held at Pfütsero Sports Complex, Pfütsero sub-division of Phek district.

Minister Kronu addressing around 2000 odd gatherings challenged them to share the blessings of God to people around. He also urged the people to remain united and embrace dignity of labor to move forward in life.
He spoke on how the world is changing very fast and challenged the Kuzhamis to work hard with dignity and move forward as a community and also reminded them that people who complain much over trivial issues cannot progress in life. He therefore urged them to learn to cooperate with each other and work together as a community.
Kronu also shared the developmental activities including two-lane road projects and urged the people to embrace development positively. He also appealed to the land owners to cooperate with the executing agency and urged them not to create complications. Further, Kronu also shared his plan to promote tourism in the district in a big way and informed the people to prepare themselves to host tourists.
He also informed the people that the present Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio is making best efforts to resolve the Naga political issue.
NPF MLA Kezhienyi Khalo extended greetings and appreciated the presence of Kuzhami leaders to celebrate the Jubilee together. He urged the people to uphold honesty and integrity.
Chairman of Naga Archive and Research Centre Rev. Dr V. K Nuh released the Golden Jubilee souvenir and “Medanism and Christianity” authored by Dr. Kewepfuzu Lohe. He urged the Kuzhamis to uphold the values passed on by the elders.
Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee president K. Therie, Tenyimi Peoples Organization president Timikha Koza, Chakhesang Public Organization president Mikha Kenye also delivered short speeches on the occasion.
Rev. Kedungulo Mero, convenor resolution committee, which read “(i) On affirmation of Peace, Unity and Integrity: Whereas we are confronted with all kinds of social challenges that threatens the peace, unity and integrity of our community, Therefore we reaffirm and rededicate ourselves to work for the peace, unity, integrity and solidarity of our Kuzhami Community In particular and the Chakhesang Naga community in general.
ii) On preservation of our culture & identity and development of Kuzhale Literature works: Whereas we are confronted with various challenges of our culture and identity especially our Literature development and in upholding the Government policy of introducing and promoting mother tongues in the fields of Education. Therefore, we reaffirm to strengthen, support, revive our cultural values and identity and specially revive the existing Kuzhami Literature Board and thereby facilitate production of standard Literature for use in the academic studies.

(iii) On National Repentance and forgiveness: Whereas our society is confronted with all kinds of challenges and whereas God works in response to prayer (James 5:16) and whereas every great social and spiritual awakening has been preceded by God’s people praying together and Whereas it is out most important to acknowledge and confess the national sins of our people, the sins of our ancestors, our forefathers and all the sins of the present generations (Jeremiah 3:25), Therefore, we resolved to observe One day National Repentance and forgiveness for the whole of Kuzhami Community In all the Kuzhami inhabited areas under the umbrella of Kuzhalhü Zawe on 9th April, 2022.”
Advisor Pfutsero Town Baptist Church Rev Züpelhi Mero invoked blessing for Khuzamis.
Earlier, Minister Kronu also unveiled the golden jubilee monolith which was dedicated by Pastor of PTBC Dr Tshülingupe Kapfo.
The programme was chaired by Kuzhalhü Zawe while Bible reading and prayer was offered by Rev Dr Kevekhalo Ngatsi and welcome address delivered by Kuzhalhü Zawe while benediction was offered by Executive Director of Kuzhami Baptist Church Association, Rev Dr Obed Marhu. Jessami and Pfütseromi presented cultural songs.
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