Kuhuboto Town resolve to curb unlawful activities


Dimapur, March 27: The Kuhuboto Town Joint Council in meeting held with a special operation team constituted by the council have resolved to curb unlawful activities such as unauthorised collection of taxes and selling liquors other banned intoxicating items in Kuhuboto town.
A meeting held on Friday last at Kuhuboto town and attended by leaders from different walks of life discussed on the prevailing situation of Kuhuboto town and resolved to enforce blanket ban on liquor ban and other banned substances in the town with immediate effect from March 23 onwards.
A resolution was jointly signed by Q. Tuccu, collective leader, NSCN/GPRN, Azheto Chophy, collective leader, GPRN/NSCN, Hojei Swu, Kilonser GPRN/NSCN, Kakuho Assumi, chairman, UT-I GPRN/NSCN, Vikuto Rochill, president KGKK, Ghoshito Shohe, president KGPO, Kabo G. Zhimomi, president KGSU, Isali Tuccu, president KGSTH, Ghoshito, president KGBPF, P. Kiyekhu Yeptho, chairman KTJC, Nivishe Kinny, convenor GB Kuhuboto town, Honito Yeptho, convenor SOT and others who attended the meeting. It was decided that SOT will keep check on the illegal activities.
The resolution stated that action would be taken against anyone/business establishment found selling liquor, banned drugs other intoxicating substances, which will even lead to closure of existing business establishments.
Any vehicle found transporting such items would also be seized by the SOT and occupants of the vehicle will be handed over to the police, it said.
The meeting also resolved not to allow collection of unauthorized taxes.
(Page News Service)