Friday, May 31, 2024
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Kudos to Virat Kohli

Dear Madam,
Kudos to the defeated captain Virat Kohli for affectionately hugging the Pakistani opener Mohammad Rizwan after the latter’s match-winning knock of 79 not out!
The sight was not only extremely pleasing; but also transmits a stern message to the fanatic supporters that traits of mutual respect and admiration cannot be allowed to yield place to hatred and acrimony on or off the field.
Pakistan might have won the T20 World Cup match against India; but at the end of the day surely the spirit of cricket won.
Lot of thanks to Kohli for displaying his “Virat” (large) heart in these intolerant vitiated times.
Yes, Virat Kohli is an Indian and Mohammad Rizwan a Pakistani. But at the end of the day, the greatest truth lies in the fact that Kohli and Rizwan are tied by the common bond of brotherhood, both being citizens of the same world and children of the Almighty. So what prevents us from appreciating the skills and greatness of all sports persons irrespective of their nationality?
If our respective team or nation wins, well and good; but if not, then we should learn to applaud the opposition or better team of the day, be entertained by the spectacle and move on. Why are the hatred-mongers hell-bent on marching backwards in the direction of the dark age by creating fissures between human beings in the name of nation and religion?
The Great Asif Iqbal had played his last Test at Kolkata(January 1980). And when Iqbal was returning to the pavilion after playing the last innings of his life, the whole Eden Gardens stood at their feet and continued clapping warmly and affectionately till the last glimpse of that Pakistani legend. Yes, humanity and sportsman spirit at its supreme best!
Let this civility enjoy the last laugh.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.