Thursday, March 4, 2021
Page Mail

Kudos to Supreme Court

Dear Madam,
Kudos to the Supreme Court for at last ensuring justice to multiple gang rape victim Bilkis Bano after as many as 17 years by ensuring her compensation of Rs. 50 lakh, a Government job and accommodation. Salute to the eternal fighter and dignified Bilkis for refusing the crumb of Rs.5 lakh as proposed by Gujarat government and tenacity to venture in an unequal fight against State apparatus. And not to forget the support of NGOs who selflessly stood by the helpless vulnerable Bilkis, forced to lead a nomadic life following the man-made disaster, just for the cause of bringing justice to her.
However Gujarat pogrom does not start and end with Bilkis Bano or Dahod only. Each and every barbaric crime needs to be arrived at a final conclusion. Not a single criminal rioter murderer rapist conspirator instigator or passive supporter through silent nod of continuation of mayhem should be spared. All need to be awarded harshest punishment possible. Each and every survivor and family members of the deceased should be adequately compensated and rehabilitated through money jobs and accommodation.
Also the judiciary should verbally scold the then Government of the day (Gujarat 2002) for its absolute failure in containing the pogrom and ask it to remain alert and accountable so that such an assault on humanity and mass carnage do not get repeated in future.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.