Monday, June 14, 2021
Page Mail

Kudos to Nagaland Page

Dear Madam,
Congrats to your paper for covering the pathetic story on the Dimapur District Hospital Ayush ward which vividly depicted the many discrepancies and the negligiency of the hospital authorities towards the patients admitted in large numbers. It is shocking to note that the rooms and the toilets are too unhygienic and dirty.
Dimapur has to gear up and in this process the basic infrastructure of the state seems to be crumbling down on its knees. The government of the day seems to be failing to address such issues of public importance and as observed your paper is waking up the government departments from deep slumber.
Your reputed daily has withstood the tides and is vibratingly disseminating news and informations on public interests fearing none and sparing none and that is laudable.
Congrats to your team for keeping journalism alive, investigative journalism.
John Ao, Dimapur