Monday, May 10, 2021
Page Mail

Kudos to Dimapur Traffic Police

Dear Madam,
The Traffic Police Personnel braving the sun and the heat are working round the clock to check the authencity of the vehicles including two wheelers and regularly reprimanding defaulters for not wearing helmets and carrying valid vehicle documents and driving license by imposing fines is a welcome step in the right direction.
I am extremely pleased with the checking of two wheelers near the City Tower this evening by the Traffic police officials where many two wheelers have to cough up fines for not fitting their head lights and also for installing nuisance silencers in their bikes.
More checks on such activities needed. Kudos to Dimapur Traffic Police team lead by Madam Jatila Jamir, Deputy Commissioner of Police Traffic 1. Great efforts Madam and expecting more from your team. Best of wishes always
Reshma Shaikh, Dimapur