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Kuda youth announces steps to prevent misuse of Dhansiri Bridge

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 8: In order to prevent misuse of space on Kuda Dhansiri Bridge, the Kuda ‘B’ Youth Organisation (KBYO) has resolved not to allow any person to loiter on the Kuda Bridge, especially late at night, apart from normal commuting.

A press release by the Organisation on Wednesday stated that it will fix side barricades to prevent elements from undue occupation and misuse of space on the ends of the bridge.
“Anyone caught indulging in alcohol consumption, abuse of drugs, partying, creating nuisance, disturbing public peace and tranquillity with loud music, etc., on/or at both ends of the Kuda Bridge shall be doing so at their own risk of facing appropriate action by the KBYO for which the youth shall not be held responsible”, it warned.
According to the KBYO, anyone caught indulging in immoral activity, littering the bridge or throwing waste disposals into the River will be penalised with monetary fines as per quantum of offence.
It requested the authority concerned to install flood lamps at both ends of the Bridge at the earliest, and to fix wire-mesh/nets along both sides of the bridge railings to prevent the menace of throwing hazardous waste materials (including decomposed livestock) into the River, and serve as safety measure for commuters/pedestrians.
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