Monday, January 25, 2021

Kuda Village Council resolves

Dimapur, May 12: Kuda Village Council (KVC) held a special meeting on Covid-19 pandemic on May 9 and discussed that many residents from Kuda village working outside Nagaland, students and patients under medical treatment, who are stranded outside are unable to return.
In view of the Government’s plan to bring them home, any such person returning home would be liable to undergo quarantine protocol as per government norms, failing which no one will be permitted to enter village jurisdiction, it resolved.
It resolved that in the event any death arises due to Covid-19 within village jurisdiction, the dead body would only be permitted in the village jurisdiction after Government protocols are completed and certified by Government Covid Hospital authorities. Thereafter, burial in the village would be allowed as per Government advisory. 3. The dead body once sealed in the coffin by Govt authorities, would not be re-opened under the village jurisdiction and that the dead body of Covid-19 victim must be disposed/buried at the shortest span of time.
In case of any dead body of Covid-19 victim released with full Government rotocol and necessitated to transit in the Village on a forward journey, such transit must be completed at the shortest possible time.
The KVC would adhere to all guidelines/advisory specified by the Government in regard to disposal of Covid-19 dead body. (Page News Service)