Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Kuda Village B-khel observes 75th anniversary

kuda village

Dimapur, November 21: The Kuda Village B-khel observed its 75th year of establishment on Saturday at Kuda-B khel.
The B-khel was founded by Nimedo Sakhrie and Rokokerhe Liegise in 1945 both hailing from Khonoma village. The celebration paid tribute to the pioneers which included Ketholelhou Khate, Pfukrunyu Sakhrie, Ashuhe Khekho, Pfukrehe Khekho, Nisekho Liegise, Adani Khekho, Dokho Liegise, Zapukho Sakhrie, Lhuviniu Lungalang, Kurahing Tho-u, Dr Setu Liegise and others who soon joined them.
A newly built hall, Thehu Ki, constructed in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary was also inaugurated and dedicated by Rev Miazielie Sakhrie, Pastor of Kuda Village Baptist Church, on land donated by Nimedo Sakhrie and Rokokerhe Liegise.
The anniversary celebration was low key in observance of the SOP of the current COVID-19 pandemic with a limited attendance of 100 members.
Rev Miazielie Sakhrie unveiled the construction plague and delivered a message, while Savi Liegise exhorted the gathering. Rev Kenilevi Khate invoked God’s blessings and released the 75th Anniversary souvenir (Seweda) published in commemoration of the jubilee. The women organization (Thenuko Krotho) felicitated the pioneers and leaders of the village.
The jubilee was attended by Achubu Meruno, chairman of Kuda village council and his colleagues, Thepfuko Nagi, Head GB and his colleagues, all khel chairmen and Kuda Youth Club president and women leaders.
(Page News Service)