KUD hold general meeting


Dimapur, April 27: The Kudawhi Union (KUD) today held its general meeting at Tenyiphe I Village Council hall with Dr. Neiphi Kire, Chairman, Kohima Village Council as special guest.
While stressing over the challenging issue of Illegal Bangaladesh (IB) where KVC under his leadership has taken a drastic step to eradicate the menace, Dr Kire said it is high time that every individual irrespective of community should fight together before it’s too late.
Sharing concern over this serious issue, he said Nagaland is a small state with limited area which would not gain over its size and if Nagas keep accommodating the same they would not be far from the state of Tripura and Arunachal where the tribals’ rights have submerged under the pressure of non locals and become a minority in their own land.
While dwelling over the importance of unity, he said it is the root cause for all to prosper together and call upon the gathering to usher cooperation with KUD.
Dr. Kire also opined that books and degree knowledge is incomplete without basic character therefore, insist that this two should be given topmost priority to become a complete educated and responsible person.
Further extorting the gathering, Dr. Kire said that perseverance of one’s own traditional and custom as well as mother tongue should be given equal importance and respect it as it identify the person.
The special guest also released the newly printed constitution of the Union.
James Vizo, president KUD while speaking on the occasion highlighted the aims an objectives of the organization and called for further cooperation in the future.
The meeting further adopted various resolutions which was presented by the president
The meeting resolved to observe its days once in every three years.
The Union would not look into the welfare of its members in the event of non cooperation or participation in the union activities. It reaffirmed to comply with its renewal of membership and subscription fees strictly for every tenure.
The meeting resolved that KUD members married to other than Kewhimia would not be a bona fide member and would not be allowed to hold office in any KUD and its frontal bodies but may be invited to a special gathering.
KUD further reaffirmed its stand to uphold the KVC stand over the influx of IB issue and appealed to its members to be well aware of it.
Short speeches was delivered by Lhouyielie Mephf?-o while general secretary and treasurer report was also presented by David Sekhose and Mhasikhotuo Phewhuo. (Page News Service)