Monday, December 4, 2023
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KTB Trust urges Govt to release salaries of NHM staff immediately

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Dimapur, October 29: The Kezekevi Thehou Ba Trust has urged Nagaland Government and Union of India to immediately release the pending salary of all the staff of National Health Mission (NHM) Nagaland and also ensure that they also receive their salaries every month without delay failing which it would be compelled to take legal recourse in the interest of justice.
In a Representation to Nagaland Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary & Finance Commissioner, Principal Director, Health and Family Welfare, Mission Director, NHM and Union of India, Robert Solo,
Social Activist & General Secretary, Kezekevi Thehou Ba Trust stated that one of the contributing factors for pathetic public healthcare system in Nagaland is due to non-release of salaries of the staff under NHM on time.
The Trust said the staffs of NHM play a major role in effectuating the ideals and objectives of the National Health Mission flagship programme.
It said apart from the poor health infrastructures, shortfall of staffs, consumables, drugs, equipments and others, non-payment of salary of the employees is a huge obstacle in successful implementation of the mentioned flagship programme.
The Trust pointed out that the staff engaged under NHM, Nagaland, do not receive their salaries on time besides receiving meagre salary is a great matter of concern which is affecting the lives of not only the staff but the people as well.
To facilitate quality healthcare service and meet the expectations required of the staff from NHM, the KTB Trust said salaries of NHM staff must be released monthly so as to enable them, meet their basic requirements for survival only than they can provide the service they are expected to give.
It also stated that many of the staff are running in debts because of not receiving salaries on time while many are compelled to resign because of the same reason.
“It is undeniable that non-release of salaries on time is violative of Right to Livelihood and Food guaranteed by the Constitution to the staffs of NHM, Nagaland, in as much as it is violative of the people’s right to Health and so effort shall be made to promote equality between the regular employees of your esteemed Department as well as the employees of the NHM, Nagaland, in terms of releasing the salaries without any discrimination,” the KTB Trust said. (Page News Service)