Friday, September 17, 2021
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KSC deliberates on sanitation, plastic ban


Dimapur, August 17: Kohima Smart City in collaboration with the Green Team Kohima on August 16 invited Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industries for a consultative meeting under the “100 days Smart City Special Initiative Campaign on Sanitation” and also in pursuance to the Government order banning plastic to discuss and draw out strategies for implementation and enforcement of the Government ban.
Administrator & CEO, Kovi Meyase stated that only a month remains till the ban comes into force on September 17 and the whole issue of plastic ban will not be possible without the inputs and efforts of the KCCI. He stated the need to rope in all stakeholders for the implementation to be successful.
While NGOs like the Green Team Kohima are taking all efforts to create awareness, it was felt that the KCCI has a very important role in generating awareness as well as helping in enforcing the ban. The members deliberated on how best to go about in implementing and enforcing the ban on plastic and concluded that since the District Task Force headed by the Deputy Commissioner Kohima has been entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring and vigilance purpose, the Task Force may first be consulted. The members decided to put forward some suggestions and practical action plan for the perusal and incorporation by the Task Force.
Some of the crucial points that were put forward among the many submitted to the DC Kohima were the need to create mass awareness in which town announcements on vehicles with pictorial banners and PA systems in the town areas as well as wards can be done as a countdown activity; AIR and DDK be requested to air and broadcast voice ads/short clips on the ban in English, Nagamese and local dialects as well and modalities to be put in place for companies & organizations who want to bring in alternative products in place of plastic.
It also suggested the need to have a laboratory where alternative products can be tested to cross check and ascertain the authenticity of any certification, and the need to specify the items to be banned since the categories of materials to be banned in the order also covers an array of items which is used in food packaging and is a requisite under the FSSAI guidelines.
The members agreed to give full co-operation to the District Task Force for the successful implementation of the ban in the interest of public health and environment. (Page News Service)