Monday, June 21, 2021
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Kronu urges Sumi, Chakhesangs to come together


Dimapur, November 12: The 8th Sumi-Chakesang Brotherhood Meet was today held here at Shokhuvi Village, in the presence of Nagaland Lok Sabha MP Tokheho Yepthomi, Minister for Planning & Coordination and Land Revenue, Neiba Kruno, and Rajya Sabha MP K.G. Kenye.
Speaking on the occasion, Kruno said that if Sumis and Chakhesangs can live together peacefully in Dimapur, they can do the same in their respective villages too, and urged the Sumi Hoho and Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) to come together and settle the existing border disputes between the tribes.
Citing that the two tribes have similar terminologies in their respective languages, he said that while the leaders from both the tribes have understood that they are brothers, the message has to go to the grassroots.
Rajya Sabha MP, KG Kenye in his speech maintained that Nagas have been carrying forward the cultures and traditions and attires but somewhere down the lane, they have lost their character and integrity for which they were revered by historians that came in contact with them.
He said that more than the clothes and cultures, the historians wrote about the character and Nagas still take pride in those descriptions of bravery and honesty, but all these they have to inculcate and implement in their daily lives.
He said that Sumis and Chakhesangs both have similar qualities, are straightforward, and take lead risking own lives and it is time to defend the culture and land, by not letting go of what they already have, but to keep them safe in one hand, and gathering more using the other hand.
Earlier, in the welcome address, Dr. Kakheto Zhimomi had said that at one point of history, the Sumis and Chakhesangs used to live together till the Sumis decided to migrate, and the remnants of their settlements are still there in the Chakhesang inhabited areas. He said it was the prophecy and will of God that brought the two tribes together in the year 1996, and since then, the brotherhood meets came to be.
Hosted by Western Sumi Hoho, and dotted with a number of colourful cultural performances performed by both the tribes, it was attended by close to 10,000 people. (Page News Service)