KRN condemns AR raid


Dimapur, March 19: The Khonoma Rüffüno Nagaland (KRN) has strongly condemned the pre-dawn raid by the Assam Rifles on the private residence of Savi Liegise in Dimapur on March 15.
“Is the AR too thoughtless and irresponsible to know the harm its insufficient vetting of its intelligence sources can do? Has a motivated informer learned to use the AR,” it asked in a release.
Stating that the harassment meted out to its respected public leader was blatant and deliberate, the KRN said the intention to insult and intimidate Savi and malign the fair name of his family as well is unmistakable. “No other conclusion is possible given the well-known nature and record of Savi Liegise’s commendable public service. The traumatic shock suffered by the impressionable young children is deplorably cruel and unforgivable,” it said.
“They saw 30 or so jawans barging into their home in the very early hours of the morning and being ordered by their officer to ransack through every room including bathrooms and kitchen. Uniformed female cops frisked them, their mother and their aunts. Was the officer in charge so devoid of common sense to know women do not go to bed armed with lethal weapons? No weapons were found, the reported reason for the raid. The raid resulted in two silver rings missing from a bathroom.”
Stating that the totally uncalled for repeated raid has revealed the true colour of the so called “Friends of the Hill People” and their lack of knowledge about the people in their assigned areas of duty, the KRN extended full support to the statement of Kuda Village Council and extended deep appreciation for the prompt condemnation of the raid. (Page News Service)