Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Kriti Sanon opens up on challenges faced by outsiders in film industry

Kriti Sanon

In a recent interview, Kriti Sanon candidly addressed the challenges she faced in the film industry, particularly regarding the opportunities available to star kids versus outsiders. The talented actor expressed her frustration, highlighting a phase of restlessness where she felt her potential was not being fully utilized.
Speaking to a media outlet, Kriti revealed her longing for roles that would allow her to showcase her acting prowess to the fullest. She articulated, “There was a phase where I was just very restless because I knew that I had way more potential than what I could portray in the opportunities that I had in front of me.” She likened the situation to filling a vessel, emphasizing that the size of the vessel determines how much one can pour into it. For Kriti, she was seeking a larger vessel, metaphorically speaking, to fully explore her capabilities as an actor.
The lack of substantial roles led to frustration, as Kriti witnessed newcomers, some with a film background, securing opportunities seemingly effortlessly. She remarked on the disparity, wondering how individuals who hadn’t yet proven themselves were receiving offers of significant roles, while she struggled to find similar opportunities despite her experience and talent.
Throughout her career, Kriti has strived to prove her mettle in the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry. Her journey serves as a testament to the challenges faced by actors who do not hail from film families, battling perceptions and systemic biases to carve out their space in an industry often perceived as exclusive.
Despite the hurdles, Kriti remains determined and resilient, continuing to pursue roles that resonate with her artistic vision and allow her to push the boundaries of her craft. Her story sheds light on the complexities of navigating the world of cinema, where talent and hard work do not always guarantee equal opportunities.
As Kriti Sanon reflects on her journey, her words echo the sentiments of many aspiring actors, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and meritocracy in an industry driven by creativity and storytelling. (Courtesy: TS)