Friday, March 31, 2023

Kripa Foundation proposes Rehab Centre for women substance users

Nagaland News

Dimapur, June 25: Advocacy group, Kripa Foundation Nagaland has pitched for revision of Nagaland Substance Abuse and Treatment Policy 2016 and setting up of a Drug Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Centre in Nagaland for women substance users.
In a press release issued on Saturday, the Director of the Foundation, Abou Mere stated that Women who Use Drugs (WUDs) in Nagaland face stigma, discrimination, social isolation and economic issues that lead them to practice risky sexual practices (transactional sex).
“They do not find any support from the society, religious or political dispensation and there is no treatment-cum-rehabilitation centre for women substance users in Nagaland. For these reasons, they are pushed into a high degree of vulnerability to HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STI), viral hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, sexual and reproductive health and mental health issues.
“Against this backdrop and in full compliance with the human rights standards and norms, we advocate for a careful re-balancing of policies and for consideration and set up a Drug Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Centre in Nagaland for woman substance users, who desire to live a clean and sober life”, the press release read.
While acknowledging the contributions made by Social Welfare Department, Nagaland SACS, NNagaDAO partner NGOs and CBOs, law enforcement agencies, and churches on substance abuse prevention and treatment, it reminded that substance use problem in the State remains a concern on the ground with substance use and cases under NDPS Act 1985 continuing its rise.
It stated that the recent scientific research study report, The Magnitude of Substance use in India 2019, conducted by the Union Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, and the ‘National Family Health Survey (NFHI-5) 2019-21’ compiled by the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, show Nagaland surpassing the national average in substance abuse and substance use disorder.
“The Mental Health Care Act (2017) has included alcohol and drug use disorders under its ambit to increase the adherence to human rights, to ensure non-discrimination, the respect to the right to autonomy and confidentiality, to increase the availability and access to the minimum standard of care and rehabilitation for people with substance use disorders.
“Therefore, Kripa Foundation appealed to the Department of Health & Family Welfare to set detoxification in all the district hospitals in Nagaland. Nagaland Government should uphold its constitutional responsibility of public health management and provide quality healthcare services, including through the allocation of maximum available resources to progressively realise this goal. Strengthening the prevention and treatment of substance disorders is a critical target in attaining Sustainable Development Goal 3″, it stated.
The Foundation urged the Government of Nagaland and Social Welfare Department to revisit the Nagaland Substance Abuse and Treatment Policy 2016 for amendment,”to give a progressive realisation policy, to ensure the availability and accessibility of substance abuse prevention and treatment services that are acceptable, delivered in a scientifically-sound and medically-appropriate manner, and of good quality”.
It reminded that the State Government has an obligation and responsibility for a bigger role in substance abuse prevention and treatment by way of taking legislative, administrative, budgetary, judicial, promotional and other measures for realisation of the right to health.
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