KPC, DPC flay harassment of media person


Dimapur, September 19: The Kohima Press Club (KPC) has expressed dismay over the undue harassment meted out to one of its members, a news editor, who was covering the public procession against the killing of a police officer, on September 19 in Kohima town.
According to KPC, the incident happened after the procession got over and movement of vehicles had resumed when a group of rowdy protesters stopped the car carrying the news editor, demanding to know where she was from. Even after she identified herself as a media person who was on duty, several unidentified protesters went around the vehicle and broke the rear windshield with some blunt objects.
Terming it highly unfortunate that media persons on duty are time and again blatantly harassed and targeted for no reason during public demonstrations, processions, protests and bandhs, the KPC said such unruly actions bring to question the safety and security of journalists, particularly in a society and state like Nagaland which professes freedom of the media along with the rest of the country.
While condemning the act meted out on its member, the KPC appealed to all responsible authorities, public leaders and the public in general, to respect each other’s rights and duties, and uphold the functioning and growth of the Fourth Estate.
DPC: The Dimapur Press Club (DPC) has condemned the harassment meted out to a member of Kohima Press Club who was covering the public procession in Kohima town on September 19.
The news editor who was covering the public procession was said to have been harassed by unidentified protestors even after she identified herself as a media person on duty.
The DPC condemned such ignorant behaviour of the protestors towards media persons who are on duty and appealed to the authorities to understand the contribution made by media persons in serving the society and avoid such behaviour in future while ensuring the security of media persons on duty.
(Page News Service)