Friday, May 7, 2021

Korean Yonsei university counselor visit SCERT Nagaland

Kohima, January 22: South Korean Yonsei University Counsellor Professor Esther Suk-Yeon Jang today visited SCERT Nagaland at Kohima.
Speaking to a group of counsellors and officers of SCERT, Professor Esther, who is also Executive Director, Global Diaspora Multi-Cultural Coaching Network, South Korea
emphasized the need for licensing of counselling profession to upgrade the quality of counselling profession, the need for a counselling professional organisation to frame ethical issues and implement licensing system of counselling profession through rigorous training which may be expensive but worth investing for the sake of professionalism. She challenged the counsellors in SCERT to promote counselling supervision and counselling licensing system so that the Nagaland becomes the first state in India to implement licensing system of counselling profession.
She also suggested the Department to collaborate with the Yonsei University South Korea through signing of a MoU.
Nagaland’s SCERT director T. Sekhose while welcoming the guest from Korea thanked Prof. Esther and requested her to help upgrade the quality of the SCERT on-going diploma course in School Counselling Psychology offered by SCERT.
Sekhose expressed the need of counselling to cater to the needs of mental and emotional well-being of the youth and students.
Associate Professor SCERT Nagaland Thungchibemo also expressed the need for accreditation and assessment of quality of Counselling training by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), New Delhi.
Dr. Zavise Rume, Associate Professor SCERT Nagaland expressed the need for SCERT collaboration with Yonsei University through Professor Esther to promote Counselling professionalism in India starting from Nagaland State and requested Professor Esther to be an external guide for the SCERT to promote School counselling in Nagaland and play an examplenary to all over India so that Nagaland becomes a land for creating peace and giving peace to the people of the world. (Page News Service)