Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Konyak Union to procure Truelab Duo micro PCR analyzer

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Kohima, May 27: The Konyak Union has asked the Government for testing of all returnees from Kohima and Dimapur before ferrying them to Mon district.
In a letter to the Chief Minister, the union said sending the returnees to Mon district without confirming their testing would expose all the returnees to more infections which would become burdensome for the already stressed arrangements in the district.
“We appeal to you to send the returnees only after their results are confirmed at Dimapur and Kohima,” it appealed.
Further the union said the Bio Safety Level-2 Lab at Dimapur should be installed and activated at the earliest, as only testing can help the officials on the ground to take a clear cut decision for further subsequent action. “All returnees should be tested in Dimapur and Kohima,” the letter stated.
The letter issued by the union president, Howing Konyak said they are also working in full gear and making other arrangements for purchase of Truelab Duo Real time quarantine micro PCR Analyzer and testing kits for use in cases of the outbreak within the districts. “But the returnees are directly sent to the districts without being filtered at Dimapur and Kohima, the failure at the district will make the onerous efforts put at Dimapur or Kohima futile,” the union said.
Howing said stringent measures to quarantine the returnees safely without involving incidents of further contacts and transmission is of utmost priority now.
He also appreciated the efforts of the Government to help the people of the State stranded outside the State and massive task undertaken to test and quarantine the returnees. (Page News Sevice)