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Konyak Union condemns Ahoa Konyak’s killing

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DIMAPUR, MAY 25: The Konyak Union (KU) has condemned the inhuman and barbaric act perpetuated by Menshan Konyak, a drug addict and peddler, who killed Ahoa Konyak, Action Chairman of Tizit Area Students’ Union (TASU) on Thursday in Tizit Town.
The KU said late Ahoa Konyak was a dedicated student leader, who selflessly worked for the betterment of the society and the community at large. The loss of such a promising leader is an irreparable tragedy, leaving the Union and the entire community devastated, it added.
While condemning the actions of the drug addict, the KU demanded the law enforcing agencies to swiftly bring the perpetrator to justice and imposed the strictest and severest punishment possible.
It also urged that no individual or entity should seek bail for the accused as it would be a direct challenge against the Konyak Civil Societies (CSO).
The Union further said the incident serves as a wake-up call for the entire administration and society and implored the authorities to declare a state of war against drug users and peddlers, going to the extent of implementing a “shoot at sight” policy.
“The menace they pose to our society and the threats they impose on humanity cannot be tolerated any longer. We must take decisive action to protect our communities from the devastating consequences of drug abuse and trafficking”, the Union stated.
The KU also stood firmly in solidarity with the grieving family of Late. Ahoa Konyak and assured them unwavering support in the light for justice and closure.
It also called upon the Government to provide the victim’s family with the necessary ex-gratia and financial assistance, acknowledging the sacrifice made by Late Ahoa Konyak in his noble pursuit of social causes.
“In this time of immense sorrow, let us unite as a community to honour Late Ahoa Konyak’s memory and continue his legacy of service. We demand justice, we demand action, and we demand a safer future for all”, the KU further stated.
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