Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Konyak tribe to play a big role in ushering an era of peace and development: H Haying

Aoleang kohma

KOHIMA, APRIL 2: It is time for the Konyaks spread across the different political borders to realign their responsibilities as the tribe have a big role to play towards ushering peace and development in the land, stated Advisor Prison, Printing & Stationery, H. Haiying at the celebration of Aoleang at Kisama on April 2.
He said even though the Konyaks are spread out across Myanmar, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, it is time for the tribe to align their responsibilities in order to usher in an era of peace and development.
Haying also praised the past and present leaders of the Konyak tribe in the likes of the Konyak Union. He said that a strong organisation representing a tribe is paramount in order to protect the rights and also convey the wishes of the people in a bigger platform. He further congratulated the past and present leaders of the tribe for having carried out their responsibilities in a very commendable manner.
He said that since time immemorial the Konyak tribe had observed the Aoleang festival to mark the end of the old year and to welcome the new year beginning with spring. On this note, the celebration also calls for love and understanding, he added.
Stating that living a life without love and understanding equates to having curry without salt, Haying maintained that an affirmation within the tribe to live with love and understanding while upholding the spirit of coexistence among other people would be the ultimate blessings for every individual partaking in the celebration.
While commending the Konyaks for being strong, prosperous and a progressive tribe, he further encouraged the community to be hardworking, truthful and faithful.
Also present at the programme as a special invitee at the celebration, President, Angami Students’ Union, Bisevi Nakhro said that it was an honour and privilege for him and his colleagues to be a part of the celebration marking the end of an old year and the beginning of new year that is signified by renewed commitment.
As you start and take on the new season, we join you in welcoming the new season invoking the blessings of the divine, he said.
Nakhro also said that the concept of brotherhood entails uniting all amidst all the diversities and called on the festival-goers to find in each heart the reason to truly care for each other.
On this auspicious occasion, let us reaffirm our commitment to this brotherhood and unite to build a strong Naga society. A society that supports and encourages each other to move forward and may our unity and brotherhood continue to be our strength even in the days to come, he added.
The Changlangshu-area unit in Kohima threw a grand feast for all the festival-goers after the formal programme. (Page News Service)