Sunday, September 19, 2021

Konyak Region Leacy Hoho cautions public

Dimapur, March 5: The Konyak Region Leacy Hoho has cautioned the general public, VCC, Head of Departments, business establishments/organization(s) and all the concern authorities of the Konyak Region not to entertain any taxes in kind or in cash within Konyak jurisdiction before resolving the internal Regional issue.
The Regional Leacy Hoho recommendation letter for the appointment of Chinge Konyak as Midan Peyu was found fake/invalid as the signatures of the Leacies was forged by one self style’ claiming himself as Leacy Hoho Speaker, P Khole Konyak on 31st December, 2018, a press release issued by Chingkai Konyak, Speaker, Leacy Hoho, FGN stated.
He said till the issue is settled jointly and amicably by the central authorities of the NNC/FGN and the Konyak Region regarding the issue between Chinge Konyak and the present Regional Supervisor, Ato Wangsha, the taxation shall be kept in abeyance till further notification.
(Page News Service)