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Kohima Tsüswüzu Students’ Union celebrates silver anniversary


Kohima, December 19: The Kohima Tsüswüzu Students’ Union (KTSU) today celebrated its silver anniversary, 25 years of existence, on the theme “Bridging generation” at State Academy Hall Kohima.
Gracing the occasion as the special guest, Ex-MLA and Chairman Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency, Nüzota Swüro said bridging generation gaps has become essential as different forms of changes and development are evolving with historical events in every generation.
There are technological advancement, socio-political changes and cultural shifts with behavioural and perspective gaps between the generations, he said.
He said evolution in the form of information technology and artificial intelligence has become a way of life for the present generation and brought landmark changes and eased human life. He viewed that it has made drastic progress and development.
He said Animism, arrival of Christianity and Naga Independence are the core integral issues and changes that intertwine the Naga society and are rooted in the mind and aspirations of the Naga people.
Swüro reiterated the age-old best practices of the ancestors of integrity, truthfulness and honesty while strictly upholding what is considered shameful, disgraceful to be lazy and being appreciative and grateful to one another.
Maintaining that the Naga ancestors led a self-reliant life, he exhorted the young generation to be proud, looking back to the history and the legacy with rich cultural and traditional heritage.
He asserted that Christianity brought education and had brought about wholesome enlightenment and had a huge generational impact in the life of the Nagas with its teachings to lead a life of righteousness.
However, he viewed that along with Christianity, it has brought about colonialism and left an impact of superiority and dominance over other cultures which got an influence upon the mentality of Naga society to feel it a shame to wear its own traditional dresses.
In this regard, Swüro asserted the need to rethink the confusions and reconsider that the dresses and the cultural practices and its resources are all God’s gifts which should be revered, sanctified and used to honour and glorify God’s creation.
First president of KTSU Pokhotso Nyekha shared a brief history on KTSU while Principal of GHSS Joptsoma Phezhu Azinu Swüro extended greetings on the occasion and Associate Professor of Kohima College Kohimam Vezhosa Ringa released the jubilee souvenir.
Chaired by Chakhesang Women Welfare Society executive director Nezelü Nyekha the programme commenced with prayer bby Senior Pastor of CCRCK Upper PWD, Rev Zhowhuyi Nyekha while KTSU president Zhokhahi Sasü delivered the welcome address. KTSU vice president Vethito Nyekha tendered the vote of thanks and Chairperson Women Fellowship CCRCK Upper PWD Angoilü Nienu offered benediction. Folk tune by Akhrülü Nyekha & friends and CWAK enthralled the gathering.
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