Thursday, June 24, 2021

Kohima seeks another COVID hospital

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MAY May 17: Minister-in-charge for Kohima district in matters related to COVID-19, Tongpang Ozukum said that almost 80% of the beds at Meriema COVID Hospital and COVID Care Centre Meriema were occupied “which is quite alarming and needs immediate attention”.

According to a DIPR report, Tongpang said this during a meeting, at Kohima on Monday, to review and assess the lockdown directives under implementation at Kohima district. In this regard, Kohima DTF will propose to the higher authority to sett up another COVID Hospital at an ideal location on war footing, he informed.
Tongpang said imposition of total lockdown was necessitated because of the alarming positive cases being detected in many parts of the State during the random tests. He requested and appealed to the people to abide by the directives and strictly follow the SOPs.
He said that with the approval of the higher authority, the DTF has banned home delivery services of non-essential commodities during this lockdown since it was felt that people can survive without such services for 7 days. Therefore the DTF reiterated that it will continue to strictly impose home delivery services besides other imposition.
“It is understood that to remain at home for 7 days is quite inconvenient, awkward and boring also, not to talk about putting on hold many other important activities. We are also losing out as many things but we have few alternatives because it is a matter of human life. This pandemic has given us choice between health and life over convenience”, he said.
In the backdrop of the Medical and District Administration faculties getting overwhelmed with increasing health and COVID related crisis, Advisor, Medo Yhokha, commented that the two institutions should stand firm and strong, to effectively respond to the challenges posed by the pandemic.
Yhokha said that citizens have taken maximum advantages of the little relaxations that have been extended. If this trend is to continue, then the DTF has to change the whole perspective and impose more stringent rules and measures, in order to secure the lives of the citizens, he said.
He stated that the Government of the day is giving its best resources and efforts, rolling out all available machineries, to give vision, hope and directions to its people, to salvage the society from the pandemic.

“However it is, and will practically be, impossible for any Government, and our Government too, to neither monitor or control everything that is going around in the society, until and unless the society and the individuals collectively respond and take the call responsibly together. All exercises and measures initiated by the Government will prove futile and so will all the lives,” he added.
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