Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Kohima Sanuorü cleanup campaign begins

Dimapur, May 25: As part of the Himalayan cleanup campaign, the Kohima Sanuorii Cleanup Campaign kick started with an inaugural programme held at Kohima Arts College Auditorium on Saturday. The campaign is organized by the Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) and Green Team Kohima on the theme ‘Our mountains deserve better in Kohima’.
“Much have been said on how precarious our environment and the land we are living in has become, however, not many have come forward to save the environment,” said KMC Administrator Kovi Meyase. He opined that there is a need to push for a behavioural change and also change in lifestyle and practices.
Kovi said that the participation of volunteers is an exhibition that we are not only trying to make our mountains cleaner but also a much needed push to attitudinal change and behaviour toward our environment. He expressed hope that the campaign will not be a one day initiative but a life time prerogative for all.
General secretary KCCI, Akhrieu Mor said as long as we continue to live on this earth we will be generating waste and that today the magnitude of waste generated is so much that one men or an organization alone will not be able to mitigate this menace. Mor said that the burning issue today is how to manage waste and minimize the waste we generate everyday and until and unless we take action to manage our waste today it will be out of our hand to manage it later.
Chairman, Kohima Village Council, Dr. Neiphi Kire said it is time to wake up and start protecting our environment and stop littering and polluting our rivers. He added that if everyone starts cleaning their own house and nearby surroundings then the world will be a better place to live in. He urged all the people to rise up to the occasion and start doing our bit in cleaning and making our town a better place to live in. He said the Kohima smart city will be a reality only when there is behavioural change in every individual towards our environment.
Volunteers began the cleanup drive from various points like Tinpati, Secretariat and Kohima College area and culminated at the Sanuorü Bridge with waste segregated from all points to be taken to the dumping area. Simultaneously similar event is being held in seven districts across Nagaland.
(Page News Service)