Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Kohima Mangmetong Union celebrates Golden Jubilee

Kohima Mangmetong
Rev. Dr. Imchayanger releasing the MSTK Golden Jubilee Souvenir during the MSTK Golden Jubilee celebration held at RCEMPA Hall, Jotsoma on 27th October 2018. (DIPR)

Dimapur, October 28: The Mangmetong Senso Telongjem Kohima (Kohima Mangmetong Union) held its Golden Jubilee at Regional Centre of Excellence for Music & Performance Arts (RCEMPA), Jotsoma on October 27 on the theme “Beyond the New Horizon”.
Rev. Dr. Imchayanger, while speaking on the topic ‘Beyond the New Horizon’ said, “Jubilee celebration is the time for us to look back at the past years and see our weaknesses and past mistakes we have committed and change ourselves with a better visions to achieve our dreams and goals in the years ahead of us.”
Dwelling on the topic, he said if one looks back at the past 50 years and compare it to the present, one can see the vast changes and achievements that has taken place and to go ‘Beyond the New Horizon’ which one has not seen or known, one must remember that he/she can change the future, “because what we did yesterday, we are enjoying it today and what we do today, we do it for tomorrow, so the future can be fruitful with what we do and how we live today.”
“So to go beyond the horizon, we should be within the horizon”, with what we do and how we live, he added.
He said parents can provide good homes, clothes, food and daily needs to their children but many have not taught them moral education and spiritual living as many parents fail to lead such a life and seeing their parents’ failure children follow in their footsteps
MLA Nagaland, Imkong L. Imchen in his exhortation said that “we need to change with the change of time,” saying, “If one look back at the last 50 years, we can see that a lot of changes have taken place and if we look 50 years ahead from now we will see that more changes will be taking place so he called upon everyone to change with the change of time by changing our vision, our determination, our goals to bring about a change to our society, community which can be achieved only if we work together, hand in hand sharing our thoughts, ideas, wisdom with unity.”
Others who spoke on the occasion were M Nangshi Jamir who was the first President of Mangmetong Senso Telongjem Kohima, Goan Bura Village Council Mangmetong, Tekanungsang Longchar, President Kohima Ao Union, Chiden Yaden, and Er. Imsuyanger.
The Golden Jubilee Souvenir was also released by Rev. Dr. Imchayanger during the occasion. The programme was chaired by Dr. Longri Jamir while the welcome address was proposed by President, Mangmetong Senso Telongjem Kohima, N. Tali Imchen and vote of thanks by Convenor, Jubilee Planning Committee, Dr. Imtiwabang Pongener. A special song was presented by Imnalemla Jamir. (Page News Service)